potted plant, 12 cm, Clusia


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Key features

This plant is hardwearing and easy-care, so you can create a green home without being a gardening expert.

Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.

This easy-care plant can grow to be over 10 metres in the wild. It thrives in both sunny and shady places in your home. Did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make the home more vibrant?

Assembled size

Diameter of plant pot:12 cm
Height of plant:30 cm

Package size & weight

Article no: 702.345.62
Packages: 1
Length: 32 cm
Weight Gross: 0,39 kg
Weight Net: 0,39 kg
Diameter: 17 cm

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1 x CLUSIA potted plant Article no: 702.345.62 1 package(s)
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Care instructions

Plants, others

Only for decoration, not suitable for consumption.


Minimum temperature 12°C.


Water moderately.


For indoor use
Place in a light area, out of direct sunlight.

Good to know

Native to South America.

Easy care plant.

Give your plants a boost with fertiliser every month. If you notice that the plant has gone dormant - let it be until next season.

IKEA provides all potted plants with nutrient-rich soil, repotting is not needed until 1 year after purchase.

Remove dust every now and then to allow the plant to get as much light as possible.

The height of the plants can vary.

Care thrives in green leaves

Did you know that if you take care of your plants, they’ll take care of you? We have long known that plants are an easy way to make your home more pleasant. But we also wanted to find out if and how they affect our health. We found answers to our questions in a study we carried out with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Plants are indeed good for our well-being. Our green friends can help us to be more creative and also reduce stress – care thrives in their green leaves!

Thrives in the sun and shade

This easy-care clusia can grow to be over 10 metres in the wild. It thrives in both sunny and shady places in your home – and likes it the most if the soil dries between watering. Perfect if you forget to water it or need to leave it on its own when you’re away on trips. By the way, did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make your home more vibrant?

Which plant suits me and my home?

From noble stems and lush leaves to prickly cacti and bold flowers. Greenery makes a home more personal and vibrant – and at IKEA you will always find plants that suit you and your home. Think about the kind, size, the needs in terms of care and if the plant should be placed indoors or outdoors – and how much sunshine or shade it needs. Use our care tips for each plant to find the right one for you so it will flourish. Finally, choose a pot that you and your new plant like.


Plant/ Substrate:
Cultivated potted plant
Polypropylene plastic

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