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wardrobe with 7 doors+6 drawers, 300x42x201 cm, white-white

644 €

Article no: 693.252.14

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Product details

Assembled size

Width:300 cm
Depth:42 cm
Height:201 cm

Package size & weight

Article no: 003.310.62
Packages: 2
Length: 69 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight Gross: 3,25 kg
Weight Net: 2,92 kg

Article no: 003.311.61
Packages: 5
Length: 59 cm
Width: 38 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight Gross: 1,58 kg
Weight Net: 1,56 kg

Suspension rail LÄTTHET
Article no: 003.863.75
Packages: 3
Length: 75 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight Gross: 0,63 kg
Weight Net: 0,54 kg

Leg, adjustable LÄTTHET
Article no: 203.311.98
Packages: 2
Length: 24 cm
Width: 18 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight Gross: 0,20 kg
Weight Net: 0,20 kg

Article no: 403.310.60
Packages: 5
Length: 69 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight Gross: 4,88 kg
Weight Net: 4,39 kg

Article no: 503.309.70
Packages: 7
Length: 67 cm
Width: 41 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight Gross: 8,22 kg
Weight Net: 7,69 kg

Drawer without front HJÄLPA
Article no: 603.309.84
Packages: 6
Length: 61 cm
Width: 41 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight Gross: 2,73 kg
Weight Net: 2,19 kg

Standard hinge HJÄLPA
Article no: 603.312.00
Packages: 14
Length: 20 cm
Width: 17 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight Gross: 0,09 kg
Weight Net: 0,09 kg

Article no: 703.309.50
Packages: 2
Length: 63 cm
Width: 41 cm
Height: 9 cm
Weight Gross: 6,75 kg
Weight Net: 6,25 kg

Drawer front FONNES
Article no: 803.859.23
Packages: 6
Length: 68 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight Gross: 1,57 kg
Weight Net: 1,41 kg

Open shelving unit PLATSA
Article no: 804.525.83
Packages: 2
Length: 65 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight Gross: 6,95 kg
Weight Net: 6,11 kg

Store location

Find it in the store

2 x FONNES door Article no: 003.310.62 2 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 12
5 x HJÄLPA shelf Article no: 003.311.61 5 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 03
3 x LÄTTHET suspension rail Article no: 003.863.75 3 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 08
2 x LÄTTHET leg, adjustable Article no: 203.311.98 2 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 01
5 x FONNES door Article no: 403.310.60 5 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 12
7 x PLATSA frame Article no: 503.309.70 7 package(s)
Aisle 31 Bin 27
6 x HJÄLPA drawer without front Article no: 603.309.84 6 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 03
14 x HJÄLPA standard hinge Article no: 603.312.00 14 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 01
2 x PLATSA frame Article no: 703.309.50 2 package(s)
Aisle 31 Bin 28
6 x FONNES drawer front Article no: 803.859.23 6 package(s)
Aisle 39 Bin 07
2 x PLATSA open shelving unit Article no: 804.525.83 2 package(s)
Aisle 31 Bin 18

Included products

2 x door
60x40 cm
HJÄLPA shelf
5 x shelf
60x40 cm
LÄTTHET suspension rail
3 x suspension rail
60 cm
LÄTTHET leg, adjustable
2 x leg, adjustable
5 x door
60x60 cm
PLATSA frame
7 x frame
60x40x60 cm
HJÄLPA drawer without front
6 x drawer without front
60x40 cm
HJÄLPA standard hinge
14 x standard hinge
PLATSA frame
2 x frame
60x40x40 cm
FONNES drawer front
6 x drawer front
60x20 cm
PLATSA open shelving unit
2 x open shelving unit
60x40x40 cm


Ola Wihlborg/IKEA of Sweden

Assembly instructions

Advice instructions

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Do you like PLATSA?

Use PLATSA storage for both small and large spaces across your home. The modular storage system consists of open, lightweight frames that you can combine as you like. You can combine different wardrobe frames to build high or low, under a sloping ceiling or along an entire wall. The series also includes other furniture, such as open shelving, TV benches, shoe storage or bed frames with drawers.

PLATSA wardrobe with 7 doors+6 drawers

The storage that changes with you

Our living space is often limited, and it can be a challenge to find a place for everything. With PLATSA storage system, we wanted to create a simple, changeable storage solution that you can rebuild and add to, build vertically or horizontally, to the side or in between. On top of everything else, the price should be low but the quality should be high. The solution: the right quality in the right place.

"All you need is your hands," says product developer Freddy Kramer while clicking together one PLATSA frame after another. Yes, clicking. The secret is a type of plug called a wedge dowel. Freddy goes on to explain why assembling or taking frames apart easily is an important detail. "People's lives are changing more and more today ─ we move more often, live in smaller spaces and maybe share a home with others at times. That's why our needs don't look the same throughout life."

Take apart and rebuild

Freddy shows how the frames can be arranged vertically, horizontally or like steps, to then be completed with shelves, wire baskets, clothes rail, drawers and doors. "Even the exterior can be used. You can place hooks there or a clothes rail which is fixed between two frames."

Love in a white box

For PLATSA to be truly long-lasting, quality was just as important as flexibility and ease of assembling. But improving quality without adding to the price is not easy. "Right quality in the right place," Freddy says, and opens a cabinet door. "Here on the outside of the door, which you see and touch every day, we've used a matt foil with fine texture, while the inside, which is not as exposed, is coated with a simpler base foil." The PLATSA project took a lot of time and commitment. But it also gave results. "Those empty white boxes for the frames might not look like much at first glance, but they’re actually white boxes filled with love,” Freddy says, smiling.

It's ok to change your mind!

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