Our kitchens are made to last

Everyday life at home puts high demands on a kitchen, which is why we offer you a 25-year guarantee on METOD system, a 10-year guarantee on ENHET system and kitchen mixer taps, and a 5-year guarantee on appliances.

Have your METOD? Check out the fronts.

METOD kitchens have doors and fronts in a wide range of styles and finishes, so you are certain to find something that suits your taste and budget.


You can measure the kitchen yourself

Create a floor plan and put all dimension on it. Start by measuring from the floor to the ceiling, then measure the distance between walls. Then, mark the positions and dimensions of doors, windows, electrical outlets, radiators, ventilation shafts, etc.

Would use some help?

Order the Measuring service and we will carefully measure your space and check everything, from the placement of windows, doors and power sockets to the material and condition of the walls.

Plan the kitchen yourself

Think about how you use your kitchen, what feels comfortable for you, and what you want to store there. Then, open the Kitchen planning programme, try different combinations, and create your kitchen plan in 2D or 3D format.


Let our co-workers design it for you

Come to the IKEA store and ask our kitchen planners for help or fill in the kitchen planning form with your expectations and receive a preliminary kitchen plan within 7 working days.


If you have any questions or need support, choose time and book a consultation at the store. Our kitchen planning specialists will help you adjust and finish the project down the detail.


You can fill the kitchen planning form and let our co-workers design it for you. Simply submit it and wait for our specialists to contact you. We will send you a preliminary kitchen plan within 7 working days.


Let‘s shape your kitchen dreams together. Order our interior design service and get the full project that includes, among other things, interior plan, mood board, 3D images, list of products and service recommendations.

You have many ways to finish the order:


1. Shop online.

Send your kitchen plan to us by email ikeavirtuves@ikea.lt. We will go through your plan, make sure that everything fits and send you a list of products you’ll need as well as instructions on how to purchase them.

2. Visit your nearest store and head to the Kitchen department.

Bring in your Kitchen planning programme login and password. We will revise the project and set up your order.

3. If you have any questions, contact us by phone +370 5 2502404 (I-V 11:00-14:00).

On your own or with a little help?

If you decide to install the new kitchen yourself:
  • Go through your purchases and make sure you have received every item that was on the order list.
  • Turn off the electricity, water, and gas. It is best to have the installation of the new devices carried out by a specialist.
  • Follow the Kitchen installation guide and assembly instructions that are included in all product packaging.

You can order our Kitchen installation service:
  • When ordering the installation, Measuring service is required.
  • The price includes labour service, assembly and appliances installation.


You can do it all yourself – but you don’t have to. We have a wide range of services to choose from, so you can decide how much you want us to do for you.
Interior design

We can offer the best interior solution for your premises.


We can measure your space quickly and professionally.


We can deliver your purchases straight to your office.


We can assemble all furniture for you.


We can install furniture and kitchen appliances in your kitchen.
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Add those finishing touches

Kitchen Ideas and inspiration

“Home idea with IKEA”: a cosy living space for future residents
“Home idea with IKEA”: a cosy living space for future residents

When in search of a new home or casually browsing apartment ads, many of us are often drawn to recently finished constructions. In these instances, some apartments come already furnished, despite not yet being inhabited. Ever wondered who takes charge of furnishing them? Sometimes, it‘s the interior designers who work at IKEA! Explore our most recent project – a living room with an integrated kitchen, that we have designed from scratch in an unoccupied apartment available for rent or sale.

Nature-inspired apartments in Vilnius
Nature-inspired apartments in Vilnius

A rising trend in interior design showcases a growing preference for spaces that embrace a connection to nature. In their real estate choices, individuals are drawn to interiors featuring natural materials and earthy tones. This trend is also evident in one of our business projects—a series of apartments that we have furnished for the real estate company “Fazė”.

“Home idea with IKEA”: a pantry-laundry-hobby room
“Home idea with IKEA”: a pantry-laundry-hobby room

This week we invite you to the outskirts of Vilnius outskirts, where Edita and Alvydas live surrounded by beautiful forests. But we're not just visiting, we're going to do a bit of work. After all, this season's mission is to bring order back to everyone's home. And what better place to start than the pantry! This is exactly what our interior designer Birutė focused on at the home of this family.


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