IKEA store information


Vikingu street 1,
LT-02182 Vilnius

Store opening hours
I-VII 10:00-21:00

Småland crèche
The children‘s play area can accommodate up to 20 children at a time.

Applicable rules:
• Parents have to ensure that children disinfect their hands before entering the play area.
• Children must wear socks during the play time.
• Children’s temperature is measured before entering the play area (children with cold symptoms are not allowed).

 Working hours: I-VII 10:00-21:00

Swedish restaurant opening hours:

I-VII 9:30-20:30

Phone numbers:

Customer service: +370 5 250 00 55
Call us 9:00-18:00 on working days and 10:00-18:00 on weekends or email us info@IKEA.lt.

Rules applicable in the store:

1. Use only the Entrance door to enter the store.
2. When entering the store, please show a valid COVID document together with your identity papers (passport, identity card, driving licence, etc).
3. Use only the Exit door to leave the store.
Wearing a safety mask is recommended
Use hand sanitizer
Keep a safe distance of 2 metres

Return policy

If you arrive only to return the goods, you can use the Exit door to enter the store, after the security checks your documents.

Customers who do not have the specified documents should use courier service to return the goods.

• To return the goods, contact us by email info@ikea.lt.
• You will receive an invoice to pay for the delivery costs.
• We will assess condition of the returned goods and transfer money to your bank account.

Read more about the IKEA return policy here: https://www.ikea.lt/en/return-policy.

It is very convenient to come to IKEA store by these buses: