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The atmosphere created by the interior works both on the wellbeing of customers and of employees, whereas the success of your business depends on both of the above.

We at IKEA offer excellent design, diversity of styles, great price and the quality you can really trust. Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to set up functional premises or choose the furniture.

We can offer furnishing solutions for varied business needs and all budgets:

Real estate & Accommodation
  • Residential buildings
  • Rental apartments
  • Hotels

Retail & Hospitality
  • Small shops
  • Cafés & Restaurants
  • Professional services

Interior design for 0 €

Book our interior design service and pay only for furnishings. If you purchase at least 70% of IKEA furniture and accessories, you will get the interior project for free.

We'll help you every step of the way, from the first ideas to assembly and installation.

Experienced business interior designers will prepare the project that meets your needs desires, while a personal project manager will coordinate all works to ensure they run smoothly and quickly.

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If there’s anything you need help with to make your business fly, simply ask! We are ready and waiting to help.

Phone: +370 691 03630
Email: B2B@IKEA.lt

Working hours: I-V 8:00-17:00

Found everything you need?

If you already know what furniture and solutions you need for your business, place an order online.


Could use some help?

If you have any questions, want to order services or need a consultation, submit your request and get the answer within 24 hours.

The joy of giving and receiving

Your clients, partners and employees deserve to be praised for their loyalty. Why not treat them with something that gives a flexibility in choosing the gift themselves? IKEA gift card contains plenty of gifts for reasonable prices in 45 square centimetres. 

IKEA for business Ideas and inspiration

“Home idea with IKEA”: community space in the Vilnius City Crisis Centre
“Home idea with IKEA”: community space in the Vilnius City Crisis Centre

This week, we invite you to join us in a meaningful journey to the Vilnius City Crisis Centre. While this isn't our first venture into such premises, this is still a special challenge for us as we set out to renovate the community space where the residents spend a significant portion of their time.

“Home idea with IKEA”: a cosy living space for future residents
“Home idea with IKEA”: a cosy living space for future residents

When in search of a new home or casually browsing apartment ads, many of us are often drawn to recently finished constructions. In these instances, some apartments come already furnished, despite not yet being inhabited. Ever wondered who takes charge of furnishing them? Sometimes, it‘s the interior designers who work at IKEA! Explore our most recent project – a living room with an integrated kitchen, that we have designed from scratch in an unoccupied apartment available for rent or sale.

Nature-inspired apartments in Vilnius
Nature-inspired apartments in Vilnius

A rising trend in interior design showcases a growing preference for spaces that embrace a connection to nature. In their real estate choices, individuals are drawn to interiors featuring natural materials and earthy tones. This trend is also evident in one of our business projects—a series of apartments that we have furnished for the real estate company “Fazė”.


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