This week, we invite you to join us in a meaningful journey to the Vilnius City Crisis Centre. While this isn't our first venture into such premises, this is still a special challenge for us as we set out to renovate the community space where the residents spend a significant portion of their time.

Before the renovation

“The community space serves as a leisure hub for all residents of the centre, catering to various activities such as learning, working on computer, watching TV, playing board games, reading or enjoying meals. Our aim was to craft a warm and inviting environment, where children and teenagers can unwind, socialise and feel just like at home.”

Anastasija Rogačevska
IKEA interior designer

Me-time and we-time

Interior designer Anastasija has divided the spacious room (52 sqm) into functional areas for gaming, reading, relaxation and interaction with social workers. To delineate these areas, she decided to use ELVARLI open shelving units as partitions.

One side of the room has been transformed into a cosy living area with a TV and two generously sized grey LANDSKRONA sofas, providing ample seating for residents to unwind. They match nicely with the mobile BURVIK side tables which handles make them easy to carry around.

A sense of home through textiles

To make the community space feel more like home, we adorned the windows with vibrant yellow MAJGULL curtains. LANGSTED rugs on the floor perfectly separate the living room and the private lounge areas, infusing the expansive space with a cosy and playful atmosphere.
In high-traffic areas, choose rugs designed for both indoor and outdoor use, as these are crafted to be more stain-resistant and easier to clean.

More room to read, chat and relax

After separating the living area, the remaining space was left for relaxation, me-time and conversations among residents and social workers. Recognizing the need for peace and privacy expressed by children and teens, numerous seating areas were arranged to accommodate individual preferences. The furniture in this space is intentionally neutral in colour to minimize distraction, while the fabrics are chosen for their non-staining properties, ensuring longevity and freshness for years to come.
NÄVERHÄGG sound absorbing panels are more than just a nice interior detail. They dampen the general sound level, enhancing privacy withing the space, and can be mounted as you like to create different patterns on the wall.

Need more privacy?

VEDBO and OSKARSHAMN wing chairs can give a personal nook to relax in, even when surrounded with an open space.

Feel free to take a seat

Variously shaped dining tables, when paired with TEODORES and JANINGE chairs, create an ideal setting for gatherings, meals or board games. The chairs can be stacked, so they take less space when no one's using them.
“Embrace the use of colour in large spaces without hesitation. When carefully coordinated, vibrant hues create a cosy, tasteful and inviting feel of home. Within this community space, stools with colourful legs alongside an array of toys and games serve as eye-catching accents. I have also enlivened the once-empty walls with paintings, leaving room for framed drawings by the children who reside in the centre.”

Anastasija Rogačevska
IKEA interior designer
ELVARLI shelving units offer storage for a variety of items, whether they're displayed openly or stored in boxes. Decorated with vibrant green plants, they give the space a serene, natural feel. The lifelike, artificial FEJKA plants don’t require a green thumb and stay fresh year after year. Perfect when you have better things to do than water plants and tidy up dead leaves.
Lockable TROTTEN cabinets offer a safe place to keep documents and other items that need to be stowed away from curious little fingers.

Notice violence

Every third woman in Lithuania has experienced violence from her intimate partner at least once in her life. We must keep our eyes open because domestic violence is not just a matter of two. It affects us all.

Join us in the movement and add your voice to the collective call for change. Fighting against domestic violence together, we can make home a safer place for everyone.

Have you missed this episode on TV3?

Watch it here, track all makeovers and get inspired.

What was done before?

In previous seasons, IKEA interior designers shared their tips on how to furnish odd spaces, adapt homes to changing life situations, and organise all belongings. We have organised kitchens, children’s rooms, and bedrooms, set up a home office in the living room, furnished a tiny one-room apartment, upgraded premises for family business, and so much more.

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coffee table, 118x50 cm, ash veneer

109 €

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decoration set of 3, green



side table, 38 cm, white


Regular price 39,99

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vase, 20 cm, green



side table, 45x45 cm, ash veneer



dart game

Old Price 17,99



soft toy, orangutan

Old Price 17,99



box with lid, 30x30x23 cm, natural



footstool, Gunnared dark grey/wood

Old Price 209 €

159 €


storage box with lid, 32x32x32 cm, white



vertical hook rack, 60 cm



chair, green

35 €

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magazine file, white

Old Price 12,99

9,99 / 2 pack


vase, 15 cm, green


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open storage combination, 175x51x222-350 cm, white

298 €


cabinet with doors, 70x35x110 cm, white

Old Price 129 €

109 €


cushion cover, 50x50 cm, yellow


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high-back armchair, Gunnared light green

Old Price 239 €

209 €

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stool, orange/pine

25 €

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vase, 21 cm, bright yellow



sound absorbing panel, 41x41 cm, decoration/grey



vase/watering can, 24 cm, bright green



laptop support, 52x38 cm, dark grey



basket, 25x26x18 cm, light yellow

Old Price 7,99



decoration, hand, natural



stool, light green/pine

25 €

More options available


cushion cover, 50x50 cm, multicoloured, dark



wing chair, Gunnared black-grey

249 €

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table, 105 cm, ash veneer

149 €

Regular price 199 €

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drawer, 80x51 cm, white

50 €

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LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white



pouffe, 45 cm, beige



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