Sometimes you need to take a step back from your job, from the intense rhythm of the city, from constant informational-bombardment, from everything. And then you need to make a few steps towards the serene nature of the Lithuania. To lay down in the sun, swim in the lake, and enjoy lush forests. To get the so much needed reset, before continuing with your life in a great mood. So IKEA is here to help you plan this step-back.
Setting up the space
First, you will need to choose a place. We recommend searching for a lonely footbridge going into the lake and then make it comfortable. First, cover part of it with TÅNUM rugs, then add some cushions for the max comfort.
Advice for night owls
If you're planning to stay late, till the dusk and longer, some candles will come in handy. BEGÄRLIG vase will protect the candle from the wind and TOPPIG lantern will enable you to carry the light around. Just don't forget the mosquito spray!
The final touches
Everything's better with food, said a wise man ages ago, yet the advice still stands. So start with some drinks - the KORKEN bottle is a simple means to transport them. And put your food into the FLÅDIS basket, which will not only hold everything you need but it will also serve as a rustic decoration. It even has enough space for IGABRITTA plaid, which will keep you warm in the evening. 



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unscented block candle, set of 5, white


More options available


basket, 25 cm, seagrass



bottle with stopper, 1 l, clear glass



unscented candle in metal cup

4,99 / 24 pack


vase, 29 cm, clear glass


More options available


vase, 18 cm, clear glass


More options available


lantern for block candle, 36 cm, black



rug, flatwoven, 60x90 cm, assorted colours