It is hard to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree, isn't it? But every year, we face ourselves with the same dilemma. Which one to choose: real or artificial? If it is difficult to decide, there is one more option for you. Be original and choose one of the alternative trees to decorate your home a bit different than the last year.
While the real Santa is on his way, let's become friends with his little fellow from VINTERFEST series. The little Santa will patiently hide in FLÅDIS basket, waiting for Christmas and protecting the gifts.
Even the pegboard over your desk can set the holiday mood. So don't be surprised when your SKÅDIS holder for tablet or notebook turns into a holder for holiday greetings, and the shelf holds nothing but Christmas trees, and... Hey, who's there in the pen container?
Winter tales behind the door
If you have a glass-door cabinet, turn it into a small Christmas town, full of friendly dwarfs, tiny houses and LILLABO railway going round and round and round. Leave some space inside for Christmas presents too - here, they will be safe from dust and little fingers.
Christmas countdown
While some of us stick to traditions and light the Advent candles, the others believe that the countdown is more about the calendar filled with small everyday treats. Make the wait for Christmas more fun by filling the 25 VINTERFEST gift boxes with small presents or sweets.
Wouldn't it be great if the festive mood greeted you every time you enter your home? This year, transfer the role of the Christmas tree to the rack with hooks in your hallway. It will provide enough space for family photos, decorations and lights, and even the gifts. Need more greenery? Decorate loose hooks with VINTERFEST wreaths or garlands of artificial plants.
Books for branches
Any things you own can turn into a Christmas tree. Like books you keep on the bookshelf. They are a great alternative if you lack space for a traditional tree or don't want to spend any money. Lay out your books to a shape of the Christmas tree and mark the outlines with LED lighting chains. This tree will please your eye during the holiday and long after it's over.
Get your office into the holiday spirit
If you are looking for a different Christmas tree at work, check out our two-in-one solution. All you need to create an original combination is a duo of ODDLAUG sound absorbing panel and LEDLJUS lighting chain. Customise the panel by piecing it together however you like, add some lights and create a decoration that will also reduce background noise (super useful in the office, especially if your colleagues have already started listening to those Christmas songs).
Go green no matter the season
Longing for lush? Decorate your home with artificial greenery: spruce and pine twigs, boxwood wreaths, garlands or beautiful Poinsettias. They look just like real, but do not require any special care.


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LED lighting chain with 24 lights, indoor silver-colour


Energy efficiency class
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basket, 25 cm, seagrass

Old Price 12,99



stool, banana fibre



pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

17 €

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LED lighting chain with 24 lights, outdoor black


Energy efficiency class
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floor/reading lamp, anthracite


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fabric, 150 cm, broad-striped/black/white


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