When creating this room, our interior designer Anželika imagined that it would become home to two toddler brothers. They both go to kindergarten, take karate classes and share other interests such as playing, reading and taking care of shared collection of cars.

If you are curious to take a closer look at this room, visit IKEA Vilnius and head to the Showroom on the 2nd floor.

Play equals clutter?

Not necessarily. To make sure that all toys in the room have a designated place and that the little brothers can easily organise on their own, Anželika has planned the TROFAST storage system. It's a combination of wooden frames and boxes of different sizes that can be pulled out, taken wherever they need to go and put back in place when playtime is over. Some of the storage boxes are made of mesh, which makes finding the toys a child’s play.

We also put a rug and DUNDRA activity table in the centre of the room. At this table, toddlers can do all sorts of activities: play with trains and cars, build or do arts and crafts since all creative tools fit inside the deep drawer. To make sure kids can sit comfortably, there are two soft BLÅVINGAD cushions made of recycled polyester from plastic picked up from along coastlines.


Inspirational reading corner

The SMÅSTAD bench with storage is a great place to hide toys, but it can also have another purpose in the children’s room. Framed between two cabinets, it turns into a cosy reading corner. To keep everything close at hand when travelling to the imaginary worlds, we have installed some wooden FLISAT bookshelves and two dimmable FUBBLA wall lamps above the bench.

A place for the big little things

All parents are proud of their children’s achievements, but even more so are the children themselves. This is why trophies won in competitions should have a special place in the room. The SPORTSLIG wall shelf is simply perfect for that: medals can hang in a row on its metal racks, and there is room on the wooden shelves for both trophies and plaques.

And if you’re raising a future collector… Various figurines, model cars and other small items can be displayed on the LUSTIGT wall shelf.

“This room is inspired by the ocean: not only its colours, but also its inhabitants. There are so many items from the BLÅVINGAD collection designed to inspire children‘s interest about life under the ocean – a home to thousands of creatures.”

Anželika Rutkevičienė, IKEA interior designer

Half for parents, half for kids

For clothes and other items, we’ve planned a PLATSA/SMÅSTAD storage combination. It’s lower part is meant for children: all the drawers and shelves are at a height within their reach, and the drawers are labelled with HÄNGIG pictures to make it easier for children to find the right garment. Meanwhile the top shelves are like a little pantry for parents, where they can store children’s seasonal clothes and shoes, as well as outgrown clothes that are planned to be given away soon.

“When planning the lighting, I took inspiration from the waves and clouds reflected on their surface. This is how the room came to have a cloud wall with MYRVARV LED strips and a KRUSNING pendant lamp that creates a magical effect of light looking like ripples on the water. I wanted the kids to be able to create the mood in the room themselves and therefore finished the lamp with a smart bulb the colour of which can be changed remotely.”

Anželika Rutkevičienė, IKEA interior designer