It’s time to start the new inspiring season in your office. Do you already feel that collective energy and vibe of people getting back to work from their summer vacation? Welcome them in the office that is ready for both hours of productive work and moments to relax together.

Motivating office space

Boosts of creativity mixed with moments of deep concentration – you can accommodate different ways of working with a dynamic interior. Through various seating options and adjustable sit/stand desks, co-workers will be encouraged to regularly change positions to develop an active posture.

Feels like home

Imagine a place where your co-workers feel completely at home. Isn’t it just a great spot to sit, chat, and share your summer vacation experiences? With multifunctional GALLNÅS armchairs, flexible TINGBY side tables, and some accessories, you can make a cosy lounge area happen in no time.

From storage to privacy

The sturdy IDÅSEN and BEKANT shelving units offer generous space for your office supplies and work great as room dividers between workspaces. Both are covered by a 10-year guarantee, which means you can count on them regardless of the mission they will be assigned to. 

For cosy chats and power naps

A lightweight throw and some soft cushions can lift those short coffee breaks to the next level of cosiness. Provide your co-workers with room for friendly conversations and quick power naps. They say a happy and well-rested team is way more productive at work.

Enjoy Fika with your colleagues

Fika is a great way to get to know your colleagues on a more personal level – and it provides a well-deserved break to reinvigorate your mind before the next task. We believe that coffee is always better when served with a cake, so make sure you have an elegant ARV BRÖLLOP serving stand next to your coffee cups.

Could use some help?

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Found everything you need?

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serving stand with lid, 29 cm, clear glass



mug, 31 cl, white



tray, 38 cm, brass-colour



side plate, 22 cm, white



bowl, 13 cm, white



side table on castors, 50x50 cm, white

Old Price 44,99



throw, 120x160 cm, light grey-green


More options available


cushion, 50x50 cm, multicolour



shelving unit, 120x45x140 cm, dark grey

199 €


armchair, multifunctional/Vissle dark grey

189 €


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