With the IKEA Home smart system and other genius products, you can make your home – or even just one room – the cleverest on the block. Say hello to the products that can make everyday life a whole lot smoother.

An air purifier means a smarter, fresher home

Deep, healthy breaths! With a FÖRNUFTIG air purifier, the pollutants that come from dust, pollen and cooking in your home are effectively filtered out, improving the quality of the air you breathe.

A real-time reading of your air quality

Now that you know what an air purifier can do, an air quality sensor takes things one step further. By detecting particles in the air, the VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor gives you a real-time indication of the quality of the air in your home, alerting you to air quality issues as they arise.

Total control of the lighting in your home

Installing a smart lighting kit can change your life in so many magical ways! You can turn them off and on without ever having to get off the sofa, or programme them to switch on at a specific time. You can even change the colour and warmth to suit different occasions. And when you’ve reached that “how did I ever live without this?” moment, you can easily add on more to the rest of your home.

Upgrade to wireless phone charging

Small and lightweight, the LIVBOJ wireless charger is the perfect companion to follow you around for the moments your phone needs an energy top-up. No more fiddling around for the right cable for you!

Wake-up time with wireless blinds

If you’re looking for a way to get closer to undisturbed sleep, block-out blinds will be a wonderful addition to your bedroom. But if you want to take things a luxurious step further, wireless blinds are the way to go! Using a remote (included, of course), you can open and close your blinds without having to hop out of bed and if you find a sound alarm too rude an awakening, they can be programmed to open at a specific time and let the sunshine wake you instead.

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hanger, white

6,99 / 8 pack

More options available


drawer unit on castors, 28x69 cm, black


More options available


storage box with mirror lid, 24x17 cm, plastic cork


Regular price 14,99


leather handle, 153 mm, tanned leather

15 € / 2 pack

More options available


block-out roller blind, 100x195 cm, smart wireless/battery-operated grey

159 €

More options available


wireless motion sensor, smart white


More options available


vase, 17 cm, clear glass



storage box with lid, 32x35x32 cm, beige


More options available


storage case, 44x55x19 cm, dark grey


More options available


desk organiser, 35x22 cm, natural plywood



wardrobe combination, 100x60x236 cm, grey-green-white

487 €


table lamp, 28 cm, brass/grey clear glass



box with lid, 26x35x15 cm, transparent black


More options available


air purifier, 31x45 cm, black