“There are five of us living together: me, my husband and the crazy trio of our 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twins,” introduces Birutė, our hero of this week. With the birth of the twins, all the family's attention shifted to them, so the apartment was shortly forgotten. Therefore now, the biggest wish of this family is to set up a cosy living room for having fun together.
Before the makeover, the largest room in this apartment used to serve as a bedroom for parents and twins. Since the brothers are soon moving to a separate children’s room, the old bedroom might turn into a spacious living room for the whole family and their belongings. It should also feature a dining table, as the family haven’t had one so far. There is a small table in the kitchen, but seating the whole family around it is quite a challenge. And do you know where the family keeps their dinnerware? We bet you didn’t guess. In the boxes under the bed.
...and after
Interior designer Gintarė took this job with passion. Vibrant personalities of the family members inspired her to choose rich, warm colours - the deep green for the walls and the bright yellow for the details. Yet the most important thing was to plan the room layout in a wise way, so that it would meet all the needs of this family. So now, the living room has enough space for everything: having family dinners, spending time together and even storing the toys.
For family dinners
One of the family’s greatest desires was to have a shared dining room. Therefore, the new living room features the EKEDALEN extendable table and LEIFARNE chairs. The latter can be stacked on top of each other to take up less space after dinner. The table will now easily accommodate not only the family, but also their grandparents and guests.
Gintarė has also placed a FLISAT table by the sofa. It serves for both a coffee table and a game table (the children just need to pull out the wooden stools). The two boxes hidden under the table top can be used as storage for children’s toys, books or magazines.
“To help the family have everything at hand while dining, I have placed two wooden IVAR cabinets near the table and painted them the same colour as the walls. It makes them less visible. There are many different pieces of furniture in this room, so I had to hide some of them to protect the space from looking overloaded.”
Gintarė Gumenikovaitė-Barzdė, IKEA interior designer
For time together
The main piece of the new living room is FRIHETEN sofa-bed, convenient for anything from sitting together to playing, reading and even sleeping. Above the sofa and around the entire perimeter of the room, Gintarė mounted some MOSSLANDA picture ledges. They visually divide the living room’s walls and provide a great display for family photos or drawings. They can update this exhibition as often as they want, because there is no need to drill or nail. How awesome is that!
For children's toys
One of the tasks was to find space for children’s toys. Therefore, in front of the sofa, next to the bookcases for parents, the interior designer has placed TROFAST storage combination. Saulė, Tauras and Girius got nominal boxes to make tidying up as fun as playing. After all, it’s much easier to put things back in place when you know where they need to be, isn’t it?


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room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, beige


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sheer curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, white



extendable table, 120/180x80 cm, dark brown

229 €

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storage combination with boxes, 93x44x52 cm, light white stained pine/white

119 €

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children's table, 83x58 cm


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soft toy, panda



doll's furniture, living-room



children's stool, 24x24x28 cm

20 €

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side table, 38 cm, black


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picture ledge, 115 cm, black


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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, golden-brown


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cabinet, 80x30x83 cm, pine

89 €

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table lamp, glass opal white



drawing paper roll, 30 m

3,49 / 30 m


chair, outdoor, foldable light brown stained

25 €

Regular price 35 €


wall storage, 93x21x30 cm, light white stained pine/white

64 €

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corner sofa-bed with storage, Hyllie beige

539 €

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