This summer, we are starting to test the home delivery of online orders in Vilnius, using the world's first cargo bike that allows goods to be delivered with the clean energy of the sun. 

Meet the SunRider

The solar cargo bike is designed by the Dutch company Need The Globe B.V. It provides a sustainable transportation solution, reduces fossil energy consumption, and takes a step towards the future of self-charging devices. 

What makes it green?

The SunRider's battery is autonomously charged by clean solar energy. It cuts CO₂ emissions by 95% in comparison to a diesel fuelled delivery van and by 65-70% in comparison to other cargo bikes on the market.

The solar panels provide an average of 65-70% of the charge needed for daily deliveries, boosted up to 100% on sunny days. Furthermore, when the weather conditions are less favourable, this solar cargo bike can be used with power obtained from the grid.
IKEA Vilnius store is the first brand in the Baltics and the second IKEA market around the globe to test this innovation for last mile delivery services.

Pilot run in the city centre

This year’s warm season is a pilot run for the SunRider in Vilnius. A part of the orders purchased at our online store, weighing up to 30 kg, will be delivered with the solar cargo bike in the area of Vilnius city centre, up to 10 km from the IKEA store.
“Sustainability is one of key principles and strategic directions at IKEA. Thus, looking for green innovations for the last mile delivery was a natural choice. Delivering orders with a solar cargo bike not only contributes to a cleaner environment, but also allows us being more flexible in the city centre and even more accessible for the many people.” 

Edgaras Valentukevičius
IKEA Customer Fulfilment Manager

A few more numbers

On a fully charged battery, the SunRider has a range of 100 km.

The solar bike features an Euro pallet sized cargo box that can hold up to 150 kg payload.

It means that almost 60 percent of IKEA product range is available for green delivery.

See you soon in the streets of Vilnius!


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