Welcome to a home of another family participating in our TV project "HOME IDEA with IKEA". 25-year-old Vitalijus and his 14-year-old sister Nastė living together in a transitional room are the heroes of this week. They share the three-room apartment with their parents Liudmila and Sergėjus, their aunt Jelena and their puppy Ričardas. A big family means a lot of action at home. To take some action towards a better life at home, they had a helping hand of our interior designer Toma Montvilaitė.
Cramped room for siblings
The room of two grown up children serves not only for a sibling bedroom, but also for a living room. Besides, there goes a daily route of other family members walking from one room to another. Vitalijus and Nastė's room is so small that barely holds two sofa-beds taking up too many floor space. Same situation with the table that comes in handy only during celebrations or when family has guests. Other days, the table moves from one side of the room to another. There is only one piece of furniture that siblings truly love - it is a wide and functional desk made by their father.

Vitalijus and Nastė use the room for working, studying and sleeping. When brother is out, Nastė likes to invite her friends. Since this room is small, many personal things and clothes are stored in other rooms of the apartment. Although there is a wide storage system by the wall, all of its shelves and cabinets are filled with old books, souvenirs and serveware sets. In addition to tight space, Vitalijus and Nastė are also annoyed by the colours of their room, as the space is reduced by dark rugs, furniture and wallpapers.
It's time to change
Our interior designer Toma took the initiative to discuss all possible changes. Many of them became clear after a conversation with siblings. Nastė confessed dreaming of a white room with a personal computer desk, a dressing table and a mirror. Vitalijus claimed (and his sister agreed) their room is not as private and quiet as it could be. So the main task for our interior designer was to make the room more private, modern and luminous, replacing old furniture with new storage solutions.
Living room, bedroom and workroom in one
Although the furniture layout in the upgraded room remains the same, the new look really amazed the family. Now, the room is modern and full of light, and finally performs all the functions: from bedroom to living room to home office.
A place for rest and guests
To replace the old sofa-beds, Toma has chosen two new OTEREN day-beds. The latter are wider, more comfortable for sleeping and have storage space underneath. The grey colour of these day-beds is easy to maintain and matches to the whole interior. By day, they can serve for two sofas decorated with many different cushions, and the space between them is wide enough to place two side tables. The GLADOM table had a removable tray for serving and the BURVIK side table has a handle that makes it easy to carry around the home.
Personal beauty corner
Toma made one of Nastė's dreams come true by adding the VITTSJÖ laptop table that can serve for a dressing table, too. The table is made of tempered glass and metal, hard-wearing materials that give an open, airy feel. Over the table, there is a mirror with two LEDSJÖ LED wall lamps on both sides, which gives a good, glare-free light for applying make-up. The old father's desk remains in its place by the window, but now it is supplemented with a new LÅNGFJÄLL swivel chair that can be moved from the desk to the dressing table and vice versa according to needs.
A brand new modular storage system
Toma replaced the old unused storage system with the modular PLATSA solution. In this case, it occupies the whole wall area, but using the PLATSA planning tool, you can decide the size and shape of your wardrobe yourself. Stack and slot frames in different sizes to plan a layout that's perfect for your space and complies with your budget. The new modular storage system in Vitalijus and Nastė's room serves for both a wardrobe and a TV storage combination, and the upper cabinets can be left for less used items or bedding.
More privacy…
To make the transitional room more private and cosy, our interior designer hung the MAJGULL block-out curtains on the VIDGA single track rail and isolated it from the doors leading to other rooms. The curtains can fully block the passage or be pulled to different sides and attached to the walls using beautiful tie-backs.
…and even more storage space
Toma has planned some additional EKET wall-mounted cabinets over Nastė's bed. The cabinets in different colours and sizes can be used to create a playful combination and storage for books, souvenirs, potted plants or picture frames.


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