Toma Šokelė, a housekeeping consultant and the author of the blog called “Susitvarkyk”, invites you to visit IKEA and shares useful tips about storage and home organising.
“Through my professional and housewife experience, I have selected some favourite IKEA products that will certainly be useful in your household as well. This versatile top 5 is easy to adapt and can move from one place at your home to another.”

Toma Šokelė, a housekeeping consultant 

If you are looking for storage across home...

KALLAX shelving units are among our most flexible and versatile solutions that can fit in any room, from hallways to kitchens to home offices, living rooms or children's rooms. Choose the colour you like, place vertically or horizontally, add lighting and castors if needed, or complement with doors, drawers, inserts, boxes, and baskets for even better results. This will allow you having a different storage solution each time and in each place.
Do you also sometimes find yourself asking which of the home furnishing solutions is better to choose? Together with Toma Šokelė, we go through different spaces at home trying to answer the question: this one or that one?

Kitchen: this one or that one?

Cabinets or drawers?

“In my opinion, cabinets are a thing of the past. Homeowners have already noticed the advantage of spacious and sturdy drawers. With VARIERA and IKEA 365+ kitchen accessories, it will be even easier to find room for different items, look for things you need, and create order inside the drawers.”

Wall cabinets or open shelves?

“Closed upper cabinets will look tidier. They can hold items that you do not want to display. Use open shelves to keep dinnerware and kitchen utensils that match the style of your kitchen interior and are most frequently used. Otherwise, they will just accumulate dust and grease.”

Bathroom: this one or that one?

Cabinets or drawers?

“Cabinets are more convenient for storing large items, while drawers with GODMORGON organisers can be used for both small cosmetic accessories and larger toiletries.”

A mirror or a mirror cabinet?

“If you have a lot of items to store in the bathroom, choose a mirror cabinet. It will help you avoid the clutter on surfaces. If you have nothing to hide inside such a cabinet, a simple mirror will do the job.”

Open or closed storage?

“A closed high cabinet with shelves is always a good choice. It will save your items from dust and make the bathroom look more spacious and better organised. The GODMORGON high cabinets are just perfect for towels, cleaning supplies and other items you need to store in the bathroom.”

Ceramic or plastic accessories?

“The ceramic toothbrush holders, soap dishes and dispensers look beautiful, indeed. However, if you live with children, such accessories can be too fragile. Until your little ones grow up, it’s safer to choose accessories made of plastic.”

Bedroom: this one or that one?

A bed frame with or without storage?

“It depends on how many things and how much storage space you have. If your home is small, the bed storage boxes will never be empty. Fill them with bedding and linens or sports equipment that finds no place elsewhere at home.”

Let's talk about your children's room

Kids love to play and have toys. A lot of toys. So, if you need a little trick for organising, sort children's items into groups: soft toys, vehicles, dolls, drawing tools, handicrafts. This will make it easier for you to find a dedicated place for all of them.
  • GLIS boxes with lids are handy for storing drawing supplies, while magazine files are just perfect for all those colouring books, drawings, and notes. To make every item easy to find, use IKEA +365 labels to write down what's inside.
  • Put toys and other small toys into UPPRYMD boxes. You will be able to quickly see what's inside them thanks to the mesh front.
  • Children need storage for their toys, so they can find what they’re looking for and tidy up when they’re done. That’s why we made TROFAST – a flexible series of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight, removable plastic boxes in different colours that are easy to match to your home and perfect for storing and organising all types of toys, clothes, or books. 

Wardrobe tips and tricks

Whether you have a passion for t-shirts or pants, a tendency to lose your socks or need more space for bedding, watch the video by Toma and find a dedicated place inside your wardrobe for every little item you own.

Love the wardrobe seen on this video? Just open our online PAX planner and design one for yourself. You can choose one of our suggested PAX storage solutions or create exactly the wardrobe you need deciding the size of frames, the number of drawers and shelves, as well as the style of hinged or sliding doors.

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bed frame, high, w 2 storage boxes, 180x200 cm, white/Luröy

289 €

More options available


mug, 30 cl, white



wall lamp w swing arm, wired-in, white


More options available


shoe box, 22x34x16 cm, white

9,99 / 4 pack


shelving unit, 147x147 cm, high-gloss white

159 €

More options available


vase, 18 cm, clear glass


More options available


vase/jug, 16 cm, white


More options available


magazine file, white

1 € / 2 pack


rail, 60 cm, black

6 €

More options available


container, 14x16 cm, black

7 €

More options available


mirror cabinet with 2 doors, 60x17x75 cm, white

95 €

More options available


soap dispenser, dark grey


More options available

IKEA 365+


2,49 / 50 pack


mixer tap, stainless steel effect

59 €

Energy efficiency class
Product information sheet


45-piece train set with rail



storage combination with boxes, 99x44x56 cm, white/white

89 €

More options available