Would you like to fill your yard, balcony or terrace with new colours and aromas? Then, visit the greenhouse in the neighbourhood of our Vilnius store and outdoor café.

Opening hours: I-VII 10:00-20:00
Green is all around you
Come and see that growing happiness is easy. With our wide and green range of potted plants, you can decorate your living space both inside and out, no matter how much space you’ve got to play with. They say caring for plants helps us slow down and recharge, and we are happy to share the ideas on how to turn any area into your own little green sanctuary.
Plants for everyone
In the greenhouse, you will find plants from all over the world. In addition to the potted decorative plants, we offer seasonal flowers and exotic conifers.
Living in bloom
If you have already missed the colours, please your eyes with our range of the blooming plants. Here you will find the most popular flowers of summer, including beautiful hydrangeas, trailing surfinias, gazanias, African daisies, violets, begonias, and pelargonias. Use them to decorate your terrace or hang on the balcony and enjoy their bloom the whole season.
Urban gardening kit
To plant some greenery outdoors, you don’t need green fingers, just the right plant growing equipment. Our range contains everything you need, from gardening tools to plant pots. Just add water and a little loving care.
Get inspired
If you don’t feel like growing a garden of your own, just come by and spend some time surrounded with plants. Our greenhouse features an inspiring lounge, where you can find some cosy ideas for home and steal them if you like! We do not mind.


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box, 23x31x15 cm, pine


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artificial potted plant, 9 cm, in/outdoor/hanging



plant pot, 15 cm, in/outdoor grey


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artificial potted plant, 19 cm, in/outdoor Monstera


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plant pot, 19 cm, dark grey


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IKEA PS 2002

watering can, 1.2 l, white



artificial potted plant, 9 cm, in/outdoor grass

Old Price 3,99


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artificial potted plant, 9 cm, in/outdoor fern


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artificial potted plant, 9 cm, in/outdoor Whitley Giant


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plant pot, 19 cm, in/outdoor light grey


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shelving unit in/outdoor, 80x81 cm, beige

69 €


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