Christmas without friends and family gathered around the dinner table would not be the same. Thus open the season of magical dinners! We have some trendy ideas for you to choose and delight your guests with an unforgettable table setting. 

Inspired by Scandinavian traditions

A classic Christmas colour combination in Scandinavia is red and white. Folkloric prints, a tablecloth in deep red, snow-white accessories and an elegant mix of different plates give this table setting a homely festive look. Perfect for a cosy family gathering!
Traditional style is characterized by an abundance of patterns and details. This is why this table is set up with tableware of different shapes, sizes and colours. White plates contrast nicely with coloured and patterned ones, while relief glass goblets outweigh the smooth glass bottles in red.

All time classics

One of the key Christmas trends for 2022 is nostalgia which brings back heirloom ornaments and classic colours like green and red on a black-and-white background. To create such a classic look, take a simple and versatile white tablecloth, complete your dining chairs with cushions, and add prerequisite accents in red and green: decorate plates with festive napkins, light some candles, and finish it all with pine branches, wreaths or artificial garlands.

Black and white with a hint of nature

Another trendy mix for this year's Christmas is neutral colour palette and natural materials. Use green branches and rustic or handmade decorations to bring the feeling of nature to your dining table. You can gather your own stems and branches from walk in the woods or choose artificial greens, it works both ways. Mix them with woven place mats and linen napkins to create the earthy look and add some black elements as a contrast which is essential for the Scandinavian style. 

Black, white and gold

Modern and minimalistic homes require the same style for decorations. If you have a calm black or white interior, keep it simple and be humble when decorating the table as well. To create a tasteful look, use the same or similar decorations as for your Christmas tree. In this case, a festive mood is brought in with golden accessories that unfold all their beauty in a modest background. Shiny cutlery and candle holders and are in sync with golden baubles and lighting chains on the tree.

Dishes serve as decorations

This festive table setting focuses on fancy dishes rather than decorations, because sometimes, all you need to create a celebration are just some tasteful, high-quality, luxurious-looking plates and glasses.

Want to bring this style home?

  • Combine plates and glasses of different sizes, shapes and colours.
  • Choose dishes in a colour palette that matches your room interior and other decorations at home.
  • Group dishes and decorations, so that you table décor doesn’t look scattered. To create beautiful compositions, use trays, serving stands and table mats.

Neutral yet shiny

This minimalistic table setting is inspired by Nordic nature and white shiny winters. It is a perfect choice for modern interiors and those wanting something special for the New Year's Eve.
To create such a look, use monochrome colours: matt green plates, grey napkins, beige place mats and white serving dishes. Then add some tiny decorative Christmas trees, lighting decorations and finish with reflective surfaces for a special icy effect, such as a mirror that can serve for both a centrepiece and a table runner, shiny cutlery and a champagne bowl in stainless steel. 

Common table setting tips

  • To decorate your home in a smart way, choose the dominant colour palette for textiles and decorations and update your Christmas collection every year by adding new elements that bring the fresh look but still supplement what you already have.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix traditional style items with modern ones. For example, you can combine vintage glasses with modern style cutlery and plates or complement classic candle holders with modern LED lights under the glass domes. 
  • Use layers: table runners, place mats, plates and napkins. The most effective look can be created when tablecloth with place mats or tablecloth with plates are of contrasting colours.
  • Surprise your guests with small gifts on their plates. They will add to the overall look on your table and warm the hearts of your loved ones.

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chair, brown-black

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