The last episode of this season's show “Home idea with IKEA” is a bit different. Instead of renovating one room in the hero's apartment, we decided to decorate a whole apartment building located in A. Juozapavičius street, Vilnius. Our designers Eglė and Emilija lit up hundreds of Christmas stars in its windows.
Many stars for many windows
There were almost fifty apartment buildings in the capital city that wanted to participate in the project “Light up for Christmas!”, and the building located in A. Juozapavičius str. 3 turned out to be the luckiest one. The lighting of the winner building was celebrated on the 28th of October. More than 400 star-shaped STRÅLA lamp shades and about 230 lighting chains will glow and twinkle in almost every window of the building until the New Year.

“STRÅLA lighting decorations will find a place in every home: they can be hung in a window, placed on a windowsill or anywhere else in the room. You will find these stars in a variety of patterns, so you can easily adapt them to both traditional and modern style interiors. Depending on the mood you want to create, choose different types of light bulbs: a transparent bulb will shine through the ornaments of the lamp shade and create patterns on the wall, while a matte bulb will distribute the light more evenly and make it soft.”
Emilija Galaburdė, IKEA graphic designer
Table setting tips
Our designers decorated not only the building facade, but also some of the apartments inside. At Edita and Laurynas', they showed how to set up a festive table. Since the apartment of this couple is bright and modern, the interior designers decided to choose a wintry palette of white and blue.
• The SMYCKA artificial pine spruce garland with baubles stretches along the entire length of the table. It is a great solution for those who are looking for an alternative Christmas tree.
• The KÖLDKNÄPP lighting decorations, white FENOMEN candles and battery-operated LED lighting chains are here to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the festive dinner (and they don't require any electrical plugs).
• It is definitely not necessary to buy a new tableware set every year - just supplement the old one with a few brighter or more interesting bowls and plates.
• Do not forget to decorate the chairs. A pine spruce wreath wrapped in a blue ribbon and decorated with baubles can turn the usual chair into a real Christmas throne.

Let's decorate the Christmas tree!
Just like other festive decorations, the Christmas tree should match with the overall style of your home. Red decorations are a great choice for traditional interiors. To make the Christmas tree look more playful, combine the baubles of the same colour but in different shapes and materials.
If you want a more colourful Christmas tree and have a calm interior, combine the two types of baubles: use the colourful ones in the same shape and size as the base, and finish with the baubles that come in different shapes, but have the same predominant colour.
In small spaces, a traditional Christmas tree can be replaced by other solutions: place a mini tree on your coffee table or cabinet, use artificial garlands with lights and baubles to decorate the edges of the shelves and curtain rods, place a wreath on the table or hang it on the door.

Hiding under the tree
Normally, an empty space under the Christmas tree is dedicated to your future gifts, but it often gets occupied with a clutter of lighting chain plugs or extension cords. Use soft TOFTLUND rugs that remind of snow and fur to hide both the messy wires and the Christmas tree stand. Then, add some STRÅLA lighting decorations. Placed on the floor, they will illuminate your gifts and bring even more cosiness.

“Start decorating your home for Christmas bit by bit. At first, update the textiles: a red or snow-white blanket will go nicely with the dark monochrome or checked cushion covers, while the little Santa Claus made of fabric will remind you of the upcoming holidays. Don't forget either of the lighting decorations that come in different shapes, such as gift boxes and stars, and can be placed on your windowsills, shelves or under the Christmas tree.”

Eglė Čyvė, IKEA interior designer


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