A hot summer day. Getting outside to swim in some lake seems like a good idea, but we know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Prefer to spend these days at home? Good. Can't stand the heat, though? Well, we have some solutions that might help.
Set up a nook with a breeze
A natural breeze is always better than the one, generated by energy-draining conditioners and fans. So let's set it up. Find a wide windowsill, put up some cushions, open window a bit, and put a TISKEN basket with a suction cup on it - to hold your phone, book, and all the essentials. Lastly, get a KORKEN bottle, filled with a refreshing beverage, and you're done.
Hydration is the key
The secret of surviving the hot days? Hydration. And there are two kinds of hydration - basic and tasty. Everyone knows that tasty is a way to go. So get your STORHET glass, fill it with ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, berries, and a few crushed mint leaves. Then, sit back, enjoy... and repeat.
Cooling off is the key too
The secret of surviving hot days? Yep, hydration. But also - keeping yourself cool. And we have a crazy idea about that. Get a FLÅDIS basket and several ISTAD resealable bags (these are reusable and made from renewable materials and recyclable with common plastics!). Fill the bags with ice and put them in the basket. Then plunge your feet there too and enjoy a frosty, spill-free footbath!
Hide in the shade
Getting away from the sun, deep into the darkest corners of your home is also an option. There's no darkest corner in your home? Create one by hanging up some thick curtains HILLEBORG.
Not so mysterious mist
Thought the ice bath was unexpected? Wait for this one! Get our TOMAT spray. Fill the bottle with sliced cucumber and ice-cold water. Spritz your face and whatever else you want to. Then spritz again. Feels good, doesn't it? It does for sure.



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basket, 25 cm, seagrass

Old Price 12,99



bottle with stopper, 1 l, clear glass


IKEA 365+

goblet, 30 cl, clear glass



champagne coupe, 30 cl, clear glass



spray bottle, 35 cl, white


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block-out curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, grey



hook with suction cup, white

2,99 / 2 pack


basket with suction cup, white



glass, 45 cl, grey

Old Price 8,99

6,99 / 4 pack

More options available


drinking straw, paper/white

2,49 / 100 pack


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