Step into a home of this lovely 50-year-old couple. Security guard Bogdan and his wife Liucija who works at supermarket bakery have long dreamed of a new bedroom until one day they got on the TV project called "HOME IDEA with IKEA" and met the IKEA interior designer Kristina Tamašauskaitė. Wondering how it all went? Take a look.
Outmoded interior
The old interior features bold colours and glossy fabrics. Some time ago, they were fashionable but now, they only disturb the peace and tranquillity that couple is dreaming about. Since the room hasn't been upgraded for a long time, all furniture and decorations seem old-fashioned. On the other hand, a lot of natural light comes into the room through the window, so it doesn't look dull or small even with dark furniture and heavy textiles.

The couple is mostly annoyed by the fact that there is no suitable space for storage in their bedroom. They store documents, medicines and other small items in braided baskets or on a narrow open shelf placed in front of the bed. Liucija doesn't have any beauty corner and keeps her cosmetics in the bedroom, as here she usually gets ready for work (the open shelf serves for a dressing table, too).

Although the old wardrobe is large, storing clothes inside is inconvenient, as the interior isn't well organised. Inside, there is a rail for hangers and several shelves for folded clothes, but there are no drawers. Thus, underwear and other small clothing and accessories are stored in cardboard boxes. As one door no longer opens, the gap between the wardrobe and the ceiling is used for storage, too. The rarely used items, such as artificial Christmas tree, are kept here. Unfortunately, the mess under the ceiling ruins the overall view of the room.
It's time to change
As soon as Kristina entered this bedroom, she noticed the convenient furniture layout and decided not to change the floor plan. When we asked Bogdan and Liucija what they would like in their bedroom, they confessed dreaming of a luminous and spacious room without any bold colours, as they have already got tired of them. Therefore, our interior designer started her job from finding the right colour palette and more convenient storage solutions, such as a new roomier wardrobe that looks good on the outside and is well designed on the inside, too.
Scandinavian classics: light colours and minimalism
When Bogdan and Liucija return from work, they tend to spend evenings in their bedroom. As they use this room to rest and relax, Kristina picked a quiet palette of neutral pastels. White is the main colour in the room. It provides a versatile background that can be easily combined with other colours. Which means replacing old curtains or cushion covers with new ones is enough to change the mood in the room (who knows, maybe one day this couple will long for some brighter accents?). Besides the new furniture, this bedroom now features a lot of new textiles, such as VÅRELD bedspread, ÄNGSLILJA quilt cover and pillowcases, AINA and SVARTHÖ cushions. The RIBBA picture frames with BILD posters in matching colours are here to enliven the white walls.
Storage for all their needs
The new PAX storage system with FLISBERGET doors has replaced the old couple's wardrobe. Behind the classic doors, you can see the interior that meets all the couple's needs. The first section contains shelves for folded clothes and a pull-out trouser hanger. The second one is wider, it has rails for shorter clothes above, as well as drawers and wire baskets for him and for her below. The third section is dedicated to long dresses and coats, and the shelf below can be used for shoes storage or Liucija's sewing machine.
More space for storage - under the bed
The upper shelves of the wardrobe are filled with SKUBB storage cases and are perfect for seasonal clothes or other rarely used items. In case something does not fit in the closet, there also is some storage space under the bed frame. The MALM bed storage boxes on smooth running castors are perfect for bedding, bedspreads, cushions or other home textiles. And they leave enough room under the bed to hide the artificial Christmas tree.
Replace the shelves with chest of drawers
An open shelf that used to stand in front of the bed is replaced by the MALM chest of drawers. The latter comes from the same series as the new bed frame and can be used to store different small items. Besides the bed frames or chests of drawers, the MALM series includes other minimalist bedroom furniture that can be applied to traditional style interiors and the modern ones alike.
Calm surfaces, orderly insides
The six MALM drawers are roomy enough to hold couple's medicines, documents and even more. As the  smooth running drawers with pull-out stop are quite deep and roomy, they are complemented with SKUBB boxes that help organise the inside.
Beauty corner for Liucija
In the corner of the room, at the window, Kristina installed a versatile area that serves for both a workplace and Liucija's beauty corner, since the MICKE desk can be used as a dressing table, too. The FROSTA stool that stands next to it can be pulled under the table (to vacate the way around the bed). The bedroom now features two NISSEDAL mirrors: the smaller one over the dressing table and the large one on the other side of the chest of drawers. The two mirrors make dressing up easier and let the couple inspect themselves in full height.
For items they want to display
To fill the wall over the chest of drawers, Kristina hung a couple of open LACK wall shelves. Placed and displayed here, the couple's pictures, books and other dear things will always take the center stage.

"One of my goals was to ensure suitable artificial lighting. That is why the
room has not only a ceiling lamp, but also reading lamps next to the bed and
additional RANARP lamps over both mirrors."

Kristina Tamašauskaitė, IKEA interior designer 


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wardrobe frame, 100x58x236 cm, white

75 €

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desk, 73x50 cm, white

69 €

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wardrobe frame, 50x58x236 cm, white

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door, 50x229 cm, light beige

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bed frame, high, 180x200 cm, white

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frame, 40x50 cm, black


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basket, 25 cm, seagrass



cushion cover, 50x50 cm, beige



potted plant, 12 cm, assorted



wall shelf, 110x26 cm, white stained oak effect



table lamp, 25 cm, white


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mirror, 40x150 cm, white stained oak effect


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artificial leaf, 65 cm, eucalyptus/green


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duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, 200x200/50x60 cm, white


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mirror, 65x65 cm, white stained oak effect


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chest of 2 drawers, 35x49 cm, white


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