When two siblings with two very different personalities share a room, it can be tricky getting the space just right for each child. See how a few accessories and simple changes can give both of them a space of their own.
A bed over a bed over a desk. Guess what!
It's the new VITVAL bed frame, the real space saver for smaller rooms. It can serve as a bunk bed for siblings or as a loft bed frame with ladder and a desk top underneath, if you want to have both a sleeping space and a workspace in one children's room. Just mount the desk top on the right or the left side of the bed and provide proper lighting.
Two in one
Meet a great accessory for your workspace - the MÖJLIGHET combined board with magnetic whiteboard and noticeboard in cork. Here you can draw and make notes or put up photos and to-do lists with pins and the included magnets. In the included basket, you can store small things like pens and other desk accessories, so that anything you might need, would always be close at hand.
Create a personal space
When sharing a room with siblings, a curtain helps create the feeling of personal space. Textiles can provide cosiness (and privacy!) even to your bunk bed. Go through a wide variety of IKEA curtains or choose a fabric and sew it yourself. Using our VIDGA planner, you can create a customizable curtain system with flexible and easy-fitting VIDGA curtain railings.

The upper bed is mine!
Two children in one room doesn't necessarily mean twice as much fighting. If you have a small room, use a TUFFING bunk bed frame to divide it into separate areas. Instead of placing the bun bed by the wall, try leaving it in the middle of your room. Then, you'll have plenty of floor space for both storage and hobbies. The only thing left is to decide who owns the upper bed!
One by day, two by night
Another space saver for children's room is our SLÄKT bed frame with underbed and storage. When it's time to sleep, the underbed can be rolled out and placed anywhere in the room. It is also super useful when a friend sleeps over. Besides, there is plenty of room for both bedding and bedlinens.
A wardrobe that can grow
For children from 6 years old, install a modular PLATSA system. It is easy to assemble and can be modified according to space and needs. You can build up to the ceiling, choose doors, handles and interiors you like, add, take away or move the parts around when children grow. Would you like to save more space? Combine the frames to create a niche for a bed or a desk.
Endless PLATSA combinations
Create your own PLATSA combination with drawers, wire baskets, open/close shelving, hangers, doors, knobs and handles in different styles. Getting creative together with your kids is so much fun! And the result? A roomy storage for anything from clothes to books or toys.
Mobile and flexible
When there's no room for a wardrobe, SLÄKT storage boxes with castors might come in handy. They fit perfectly under the SLÄKT bed frame, are easy to move around home and can serve as coffee tables, too.
Always close at hand
The MÖJLIGHET mirror has a phone holder and bowls that are easy to mount at a height that suits your kids, and are just as easy to remove. In the bowl, you can have small things like keys that tend to disappear in large drawers. And the hooks are perfect for necklaces, scarves or uniform jackets.
Twice as useful
Mount the VITVAL desk top under the loft bed frame and create a comfortable workspot for your kids. A metal panel angled against the desk top is perfect to use with accessories from the SKÅDIS series. Add hooks and shelves to store all stationary nearby or hang clothes and accessories on the other side of the panel.
Clear out your desk
Need more space on the desk? The MÖJLIGHET headset/tablet stand can help you keep headphones, mobile phones and tablets organised. This lightweight stand is easy to carry anywhere you need: to bed, living room or kitchen.


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desk, 142x50 cm, white

99 €

More options available


bed frame with underbed and storage, 90x200 cm, white

255 €


storage box with castors, 62x62x35 cm, white

70 €


headset/tablet stand, black


More options available


desk top, 95x45 cm, white

70 €


loft bed frame with desk top, 90x200 cm, white/light grey

379 €


children's desk chair, white/Vissle pink


More options available


bunk bed frame, 90x200 cm, white/light grey

359 €

More options available


bunk bed frame, 90x200 cm, dark grey

169 €


storage bench, 120x57x63 cm, white/Sannidal white

163 €