Welcome to one of the new catalogue homes! This family of four are living light and bright, in a small one-bedroom apartment on an even smaller budget. The world beyond is big and busy, so they’ve created a home that’s cosy and calm, where tight space and limited means don’t matter.
Space saving hacks
There's always, always room for dessert. Or, in the case of this small home, a dining area with plenty of activities and storage!
It's not about what furniture you have, but how you use it: a dining table can also serve for a desk, extra shelves can be mounted high on the wall over other furniture, while EKET cabinets can hide in a corner and make use of space that would otherwise be forgotten.
Whatever feels right, is right
In a home as small as this one, opting for a sofa bed is the easier option. But these parents, determined to have the double bed they deserve, decided to choose a MALM bed with underbed storage instead. Now they use the headboard's extra height to create a divider between kitchen and bedroom. And the best bit of all? They don't have to fold it away every morning.
From bare wall to wardrobe
If you believe you have no room for a wardrobe, just take look around. An open wardrobe can be installed against any of the unfurnished walls. All you have to do is plan a BOAXEL storage combination that best suits your needs (with clothes rails, shoe racks, trouser hangers or wire bags), mount it all on the wall and hide behind curtains of you favourite design. Using curtains instead of wardrobe doors makes the most of both your budget and space.
Single room, double fun
One little room for two littler siblings? Easy. One's getting serious about school, the other just wants to play. Yet by dividing the space visually into two separate parts, there's plenty of room for both ages and different personalities. In this small bedroom for two, SLÄKT bed with pull-out storage below takes the place of a chest of drawers. To store the toys and school supplies, each girl has her own TROFAST storage combination with pull out bins. And when they want to spend time together, they can share a double PÅHL desk that is easily adjusted by using the knobs on the legs.
Extend a room into hallway
When there's no room in the main room, be sure to use up every corner of your home. An empty wall in your hallway can turn into a creativity area for kids. All you need is a memo board with pins and a double-duty BEKVÄM step stool perfect for both sitting on and reaching higher items (when tippy toes still don’t quite cut it).
Every centimeter counts
When the bathroom is too small for standard cabinets or shower shelves, there is a smarter way to maximise your space. A waterproof VESKEN trolley easily fits in tight spaces because of its small size and can even be rolled into the shower if necessary.


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chair, white

35 €

More options available


bed frame, high, w 2 storage boxes, 140x200 cm, white

209 €

More options available


step stool, 50 cm, white


More options available


45-piece train set with rail

Old Price 24,99



table, 125x75 cm, white

59 €

More options available


storage combination with boxes, 99x44x56 cm, white/white

Old Price 89 €

70 €

More options available


doll's furniture, living-room



glass-door cabinet, 73x175 cm, white

Old Price 249 €

199 €

More options available


junior chair, white


More options available


duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, 200x200/50x60 cm, white


More options available


desk organiser, 18x17 cm, white



display shelf, 60 cm, white


More options available


bed frame w storage+slatted bedbase, 90x200 cm, white

319 €

More options available


wall cabinet with 2 drawers, 35x35x35 cm, white

Old Price 65 €

55 €

More options available


bracket, 20x30 cm, white

4 €

More options available


open shelving unit, 80x40x40 cm, white

Old Price 45 €

40 €

More options available


memo board, 40x60 cm, black


More options available


shelf, 80x20 cm, white


More options available


soft toy, tiger



storage case, 55x49x19 cm



trolley, 54x18x71 cm, white

12 €

More options available


storage box with lid, 32x35x32 cm, white



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