The upcoming summer invites and inspires us to refresh our homes, making the most out of every room, wall, and corner. Could there be any better place to start the summer miracles than our terraces and balconies? 

24/7 balcony, no matter the weather

We all love our outdoor space in the summer – that fresh air, that invigorating feeling. So why not transform your balcony into a space that lets you spend as much time in as possible? From breezy breakfast nook to quiet afternoon corner, LILLEÖ/BRAMSÖN parasol with base is a small solution that lets you enjoy the life outdoors however and whenever you want, both on rainy and hot sunny days.  

Your al fresco dining room

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, there’s nothing more summery than having breakfast, lunch or dinner outside. Invite your friends over, have a meal with your family or enjoy a private Fika yourself. Besides the larger tables and chairs for your garden, we have a wide range of space-saving dining sets for your balcony, such as our wallet-friendly FEJAN or foldable TORPARÖ.

The best friend for summer

You can count on HYLLIS. In good times and bad, through the ups and the downs, it’s always there for you. Sure, it’s a strange sentiment for a product, but this solution highlights how much we can come to rely on a good piece of furniture. Need a place to store gardening tools? No problem. Want to grow your own veggies on the balcony? HYLLIS with cover would love to help out. No matter how, when, or where you use it, this sturdy shelving unit really is your best friend outdoors – this summer and beyond.

Feeling green-fingered?

Whether you have a sprawling garden, a large terrace or a small balcony, no outdoor space would be complete without some greenery. You might have veteran green fingers, or don’t know your daisies from your daffodils. Either way, the VITLÖK plant stands and flower boxes will help you create that green haven outdoors. And if you want to bring some nature feeling indoors, check the new KLYNNON plant pots made of bamboo. Skilled craftspeople have woven them by hand, so each pot is one of a kind.

Don't forget the floor

The floor is such an obvious part of your home decoration that it's easy to forget that it's actually the foundation of your entire place. A new floor on your terrace or balcony can create a beautiful base for your furniture and transform a bland space into a truly harmonious one. ALTAPPEN or RUNNEN floor decking is the perfect way to section off an area for lounging and dining, or instantly upgrade the look of your space. 

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shelving unit, 60x27x140 cm, in/outdoor

18 €


shelving unit, 60x27x74 cm, in/outdoor

13 €


table+2 chairs, outdoor, black/light brown stained

50 €


floor decking, outdoor, 0.81 m², light grey

10 € / 9 pack


chair, outdoor, foldable white

12 €


plant pot, 9 cm, handmade bamboo


More options available


floor decking, outdoor, 0.81 m², brown stained

21 € / 9 pack

More options available


parasol, 150x100 cm, grey

29 €


table, in/outdoor, 70x42 cm, white/foldable

30 €


table, outdoor, 65 cm, grey

45 €


cover, 60x27x74 cm, transparent/in/outdoor

3 €

More options available


parasol base, black

30 €


balcony table, 50 cm, white

15 €


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