There are many ways to give even the smallest kitchen some serious style and make it feel more spacious than it is. Use clever storage solutions to stow away things when they’re not in use and, if possible, try a simple design trick: white fronts reflect light and help create the illusion of a bigger space.
Shelf inserts and clip-on baskets can come in very handy whenever the full height of a pantry shelf is going unused. They’re inexpensive and easy to add or remove as your needs change. So that you can quickly add extra storage capacity, with no need for drilling or major renovation

Make space for extra storage with wall accessories

The transition from unorganised mess to an area that feels light and airy doesn’t go through an ‘everything drawer’, where you can’t find a thing. Put a rail on the wall instead and use hooks and containers of different sizes to create an orderly overview of smaller things, like pens, notebooks, scissors and extra keys. An uncluttered worktop gives you a bright and calm space where you can check your mail, pay some bills or simply have a well-deserved break.

How to organise kitchen drawers

Large drawers are practical places to store your kitchenware, but they can easily get cluttered without some organisation. Instead of stacking things on top of each other, use interior organisers to divide them up into sections. A peg board holds your plates and bowls, while a knife rack keeps your knives in place. Forks, knives and spoons find their perfect place in a cutlery tray. This cabinet features a drawer in a drawer so that you can utilise the entire height without breaking up the sleek front on the outside but keep your kitchen’s streamlined and visually appealing atmosphere.

Maximise storage and lose the clutter

If space is scarce, you want to use every square inch for storage, because the more you fit into well-organised cabinets, the easier it is to declutter the worktop and keep an inviting and open overall look. Smaller appliances fit perfectly into a narrow cabinet, easily accessible and neatly stowed away behind a sleek front.

Storage where one least expects it

When space is tight, it pays to look for slightly untraditional solutions. In this kitchen, the pots and pans double as a curtain above the window. You can hang things on hooks, put food containers on a shelf and fill a flexible trolley with the rest of your stuff. The fridge/freezer is just around the corner.


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