Open the season of magical dinners and get ready to make your festive table setting shine! Whether you prefer a minimalist touch or love playing with nostalgic colour and accessory combinations, we've got some trendy ideas for you to choose from.

Christmas fairytale in red

Let’s go a bit nostalgic this year. Inspired by snowy Scandinavian landscapes dotted with rustic red cottages and childhood fairytales, this table setting is perfect for those who believe that Christmas is all about keeping traditions. Enhance the holiday spirit with red and green textiles, linen napkins and don't be afraid to mix and match plates and glasses—blend the items you already have with new additions. And if you are opting for a charming and nostalgic vibe, be sure to add some mini Christmas trees, handcrafted decorations or vintage toys.
traditional table setting exudes its beauty through multi-tiered stacks of plates, vintage cutlery and richly coloured, heavier textiles.

A charming touch of nature

Create a warm and cosy ambiance for your family and guests by combining natural elements like wood, cork and bamboo with pastel hues for an earthy look. Begin with textiles: instead of a single tablecloth, opt for several runners along the table because you don’t have to hide your beautiful dining table! Enhance the playfulness with personalized Dala horses or handmade napkins adorned with forest greenery and use plates in richer colours to add vibrancy to the setting.
For unique table decorations, gather pinecones, fir twigs and small branches from a forest walk. Personalize each guest's place setting with small branches tied into tassels, complete with a ribbon and name card, a thoughtful touch that warms the heart.

Graceful modern greens

When your dining room is busy with details and decorations, the table, on the contrary, can be quite modest. This setting comes in the Scandinavian modern style, focusing on green as a main colour and its variations. To put this look on your dinner table, incorporate natural elements like fir tree branches or blooming hyacinths—or artificial garlands if you prefer decorations that leave no needles and can be used year after year. Choose a neutral-toned tablecloth, add individual place mats for each guest and lay a central runner on the table to serve as a backdrop for candles, plants and accessories.

Blending old traditions with deep tones of blue

This lively and traditional setting was inspired by old Baltic customs such as pulling straws from under the tablecloth or hanging straw himmeli (heavenly gardens) over the festive table. To recreate this style in your home, put dark blue dinnerware in different shapes and sizes together with stained glass carafes and coupes on a white tablecloth and finish the look with blue linen napkins twisted and decorated with handcrafted straw ornaments.

Snow-white, crystal Christmas

Dreaming of a snowy white Christmas? Then, go for this modern and uncluttered festive table setting theme. All you need to achieve this wintry atmosphere in your own home is a combination of white table textiles, crystal-clear glass, porcelain and stainless steel. Personalise the experience with small silver-wrapped gifts for each guest and elevate the look by creating a little snowy forest of candles and decorative fir trees as a centrepiece. Voilà
To make your festive decor safe, ensure candles are spaced approximately 7cm apart. If there are pets or small children at home, LED candles with batteries would be a smart and secure choice.

Festive, with a touch of royalty

Have a seat at the Christmas table adorned in royal colours—green, blue and gold. This abundant setting showcases small yet significant details that all add up for a beautiful, luxurious whole. Picture ocean-blue glazed dinnerware, golden cutlery put on tiny oval plates, wide champagne coupes, shiny baubles under the glass dome and a green garland running gracefully along the table.
A royal setting goes well with a tablecloth featuring large patterns. If you cannot find one you like, consider making your own by cutting a patterned fabric like FILODENDRON (no need for sewing – simply use a special hemming strip to iron the edges neatly).

With a touch of mystery

If you have a calm black or white interior, keep it simple and be humble when decorating the table as well. To create a tasteful mysterious look, play with dark colours, dim the room lights and use similar decorations as for your Christmas tree. In this case, a festive mood is brought in with golden accessories that unfold all their beauty in a modest background. Shiny cutlery and napkin holders are in sync with golden baubles and lighting chains on the tree.

Common table setting tips

  • Choose a limited palette of 3 to 4 colours and keep accessories modest to maintain a cohesive and harmonious look. Repeat the same tones for your dinner table, Christmas tree decorations and throughout your home.
  • If you're planning to use rich decorations and colourful plates, opt for a monochromatic tablecloth as the base. Alternatively, if the tablecloth you have is vibrant, allow it to stand out and choose fewer colours for decorations and dinnerware.
  • If your dining table is on a smaller side, consider serving food instead of keeping it on the table for the entire evening. You can also place starters and beverages on a trolley or kitchen island to leave more space for festive decorations on the table.
  • Surprise your guests by placing small gifts on their plates. They will add to the overall look on your table and warm the hearts of your loved ones.

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wine glass, 27 cl, clear glass/patterned

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serving bowl, 30 cm, matt green



goblet, 32 cl, light brown



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