With gradual, small enhancements over the years, you can avoid many common safety risks at home. So that your home remains practical, as well as beautiful, through every stage of life. The earlier that you think about suitable safety precautions for your home, the more comfortably and gracefully you can approach your golden years.

Planning ahead today, to address the safety risks of tomorrow

  • Often, the business of everyday life can leave little time to think about the future. But if you look ahead now to tomorrow’s home furnishing needs, this can pay dividends in the days far ahead.
  • For example, you’ll thank those motion-sensor lights and well-lit rooms if your eyesight should ever fade or if your mobility decreases. After all, why strain your eyes to read a favourite book, when you can simply switch to a brighter reading lamp?
  • There are many small, affordable changes that can help you to enjoy your home as a place of safety and comfort – for many happy years to come.

Did you know

With age, the skin gets thinner, so it burns and bruises more easily.

Home furnishing tips to cut down risks

You can prepare your home for all the years ahead – and still keep it comfy, good looking and practical.

A few tips to prevent falls at home

  • Opt for low-pile mats and rugs with an anti-slip underlay.
  • Make sure that all areas have good lighting, with easy-to-adjust curtains and lamps.
  • Consider night lights for such areas as hallways and bathrooms.
  • Put down a large, sturdy bath mat to reduce the risk of slipping when you get out of the bath or shower.
  • Try to avoid running power cords across the floor.
  • Choose a bed, sofa or chair that is higher and so easier to get in and out of.

Tips to prevent scalds and burns at home

  • Hot-drink cups should have good heat resistance and be easy to grip.
  • Use the back rings of the stove to avoid knocking pots or pans.
  • Install the oven and other appliances at the most convenient height.

Did you know

Play is an important ingredient of everyday life – whatever your age.

How IKEA develops safe products

Safety is key in the development of IKEA products, to make sure that they can withstand the demands of everyday life at home.

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rug underlay with anti-slip, 165x235 cm


IKEA 365+

saucepan, 1.0 l, stainless steel

Old Price 9,99



oven glove, grey


IKEA 365+

pot with lid, 10.0 l, stainless steel


More options available


table lamp, black/bamboo



wing chair, Kelinge beige

219 €

More options available


201-piece LEGO® brick set, mixed colours



work lamp, dark grey


More options available


LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white



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