We just love to renovate the premises of our stores. Therefore, you will always find something new to see in our Showroom. One of the newly set interiors is this room meant for a teacher. Take a virtual tour in the room or visit us in the store! We have many other great news in the Showroom to share.
It all starts with an empty room
Feeling curious about how the interiors in our Showroom are born? It all starts with an empty room and people who, as we imagine, will settle in. In this room, we decided to accommodate a divorced 48-year-old man. He is a geography teacher who has lately been working remotely. In his free time, he is interested in ornithology, observes birds, likes reading and being in nature. Our resident is quite conservative and prefers calm colours to bold ones, so we chose to furnish his room in the Scandinavian traditional style, with light grey walls, white or wooden furniture and some small touches of black.
The whole life in bedroom
Life at Home research shows that people in Lithuania would like to have more room at home to pursue their hobbies and personal interests. This is why we focused on much more solutions than just a comfortable SAGSTUA bed in traditional style, while furnishing this bedroom. 

The wall behind the bed is dedicated to the teacher's leisure passions. The narrow MOSSLANDA picture ledges are perfect for a display of framed photos from bird watching and let the teacher change his display as often as he wants, without drilling the walls. These ledges are also good for storing books, so thanks to them and the reading chair next to the bed, another teacher's hobby is honoured as well.

In front of the bed, we intentionally left more free space for fitness routine during the breaks. The HEMNES bench will be useful not only when stacking the clothes or making the bed, but also when doing the stretches.

“The owner of this room works from home during the lockdown, so I created a comfortable work spot in front of the window to let in as much natural light as possible.”

Ingrida Briedė, IKEA interior designer
A classroom at home
Although the bedroom office is quite small, it has everything what the teacher needs, including a wooden desk with a shelf for cables and drawers for stationery, and a roomy HEMNES bookcase with installed lighting, which makes it easier to find items without turning on the room's general lighting. The VIVALLA tablet stand in bamboo veneer is another indispensable tool when teaching from home. It can be put on the worktop or hung on the wall and is stable enough for both books and tablets.
More room for storage and hobbies
Living alone doesn’t mean you own little stuff. Therefore, various storage furniture plays a special role in this teacher's bedroom. A 236 cm high PAX wardrobe is one of those. It allows using space up to the ceiling: the upper shelves are convenient for storing seasonal clothes, bedding or less frequently used items, and the interior can be customised. Do you need more space for shirts and suits? Replace the shelves with clothes rails. Need a helping hand when looking for socks? Drawers with inserts can help. Or maybe you love preparing the other day's outfits in advance? Then, attach an additional valet hanger on your wardrobe frame.

Of course, we didn’t just think about clothes. Next to the wardrobe, you will find a basket for sports equipment, and a coffee table with an additional shelf next to the bed. The latter takes up less space on the floor, but allows you to store twice as many books or other items underneath the top.
The Whole Life at Home
We believe that home is the most important place in the world. This is why every year IKEA conducts a global research called “Life at home”. This year, we have focused on exploring the impact of the global pandemic on our relationship with home now and in the years to come.


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155x65x74 cm

199 €



90x37x197 cm light brown

Old Price 139 €

129 €


side table

45x55 cm white

Old Price 34,99


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tablet stand

26x16x17 cm




39x Ø54 cm




37x53 cm white



LED cabinet lighting

7.4x11 cm



bed frame

160x200 cm black

149 €

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61x50 cm



wall lamp, wired-in installation

Ø9 cm black



pendant lamp

53x Ø40 cm



box with lid, set of 2



magazine file

10x26x30 cm dark grey

3,99 / 2 pack



32x Ø25 cm




75x165 cm black


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wardrobe combination

100x60x201.2 cm white-white

347 €