Have a flexible and affordable office space – wherever you work. With our TROTTEN system, you can create a comfortable and ergonomic work area both at home and in your office, no matter the size of your place. 

All pieces in TROTTEN series are designed to adapt as your business evolves. The products are multifunctional and can be used in different contexts: working alone, meeting, or a quick workshop together. The system features flexible desks, storage units, room dividers, and noticeboards. All with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure to have a high-quality workspace that will easily adapt to your office’s changing needs. 

Desks that keep you active

Changing positions between sitting and standing helps you move your body so you both feel and work better. This is why you can easily adjust the height of the TROTTEN sit-and-stand desk between 70 and 120 cm by just cranking the handle, until you find the best position. 

However, if you prefer sitting to standing, you can also choose a desk with the V-shaped legs. It’s a great workspace for one person, and by combining several desks you can create an efficient area for meetings, collaborating on projects or brainstorming.

Clever combinations

TROTTEN desks with fixed height can work as desks or lunch tables, and are just perfect for spontaneous meetings or temporary workspaces. Use them on their own – or position several together and elevate your meetings with a standing zone! They’re easy to move, yet still sturdy and come with hooks to hang bags, jackets, or headphones.

Do you need a room divider between your work and meeting areas? Use a free-standing TROTTEN storage combination for zoning. It is super-flexible, giving you a different function on each side at the same time – you can have open storage on one side, and hide with sliding doors on the other.

Movable, lockable, lovable storage

Complete your work area with some efficient storage solutions that allow you to store, show off, and hide your things. We have storage units on castors that are easy to roll under your desk or around the room and can work as a temporary extra seat for quick meetings with colleagues. And if you want to keep your private things safe and secure, you can also check out the lockable TROTTEN drawers and cabinets with sliding doors.
Clean air means clear thinking. So why not improve the quality of your office air? You can make it effortlessly (and in style) with our air purifiers. 
We believe that no two businesses are alike, and neither are any two styles. Whether you're starting out, or you feel it's time for a change, our interior design service is ideal if you want a custom-made business. Just book an appointment and we will guide you in finding the right style and functionality, from planning to implementation.

No more wasted time searching for the right file

Our KALLAX shelving units let you sort and organise everything from important documents to your staplers. Just complement them with doors, drawers, or boxes.
Being organised makes your life easier – and keeps your office tidier. So cut the clutter with TJENA big and small storage boxes, magazine files, and desk organisers made with 100% recycled paper. 
We offer a range of cords, chargers and cable management solutions to make sure your devices are fully charged and your workspace is tidy.

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insert with door, 33x33 cm, white

9 €

More options available


desk organiser, 18x17 cm, white


Regular price 4,99


box, 33x38x33 cm, dark grey

Old Price 3,99


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cabinet with sliding doors, 80x55x75 cm, white

139 €

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drawer unit w 3 drawers on castors, white

Old Price 89 €

79 €


desk, 160x80 cm, white

Old Price 159 €

119 €

More options available


shelving unit, 147x147 cm, white

Old Price 129 €

89 €

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underframe for table top, 80x80x100 cm, white

Old Price 90 €

65 €

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