This week, we are visiting the “Arka” gallery of Lithuanian Artists’ Association located in Vilnius. Evelina and Monika, the co-workers, call this place a second home. They spend a lot of time here planning exhibitions and working on various projects, sometimes even after the working hours. Therefore, their office has to be as inspiring as the art gallery itself. The IKEA interior designer Erika Kranauskaitė has helped the girls to set up the office of their dreams. Check the result and browse the IKEA digital catalogue for even more ideas and practical tips.

Before: creative mess
The first thought that comes to the mind after entering the gallery office is “Wow, there is so much stuff!” Yes, there are many different items and none of them has its own place. The desks without drawers are loaded with paint, posters, stationery and other scattered items. There are no closed cabinets in the room, only open shelves already too small to fit all the documents needed. Some of them are 'temporarily' stored on the backrest of the sofa. The office lacks space not only storage, but also for another co-worker whose desk is now placed in another room, behind the door.
After: a cosy place for inspiration
Monika and Evelina use their office to welcome the guests: artists, authors and curators visit their premises day after day. Therefore, Erika wanted to create an environment that was not only comfortable for working, but also cosy enough for holding the meetings. After the renovation, the office finally offers three ergonomic workspaces, an inspiring lounge/meeting area and features some smart storage solutions.

More room for working together
Erika has rearranged the office to accommodate three workspaces. She has placed three height-adjustable BEKANT desks by the windows. The cable management nets under the table tops make it easier to keep them neat. The old office chairs have been replaced with the ergonomic MILLBERGET swivel chairs. Under each desk, there is a separate MICKE drawer unit on castors that can be moved to any place and even serve for an additional side table in the lounge area.
More room for organised storage
Sometimes all you need to keep the place in order is nothing but a few pieces of well-chosen storage furniture. For this office, the interior designer chose some GALANT cabinets with doors and add-on shelves. Since the room has high ceiling, it allows a higher storage combination. Placing the shelves on top of the cabinets helps save the floor space.
More room for meetings and gatherings
The interior designer decided to separate the lounge area by placing the SVALLERUP rug on the floor. It is easy to clean and can be used on both sides. Four new stylish armchairs have replaced the old bulky sofa: the hand-woven ULRIKSBERG and the bright yellow EKERÖ, accompanied with the GUALÖV storage table. There is enough space for magazines and other small items in the basket underneath. Erika has also used some patterned fabrics to add more playfulness to the artists' environment and to hide the imperfections of the walls.

“In the office, you should be thinking about work instead of attempting to remember where one or another item is placed. Organising the items you have means you will no longer have to waste time searching for them.”

Erika Kranauskaitė, IKEA interior designer
When everything is within arm's reach
In the lounge area, Erika has placed the KALLAX shelving unit. It is now convenient to reach and grab whatever the co-workers need without getting up from the armchairs. Above the shelf, there is a magnetic board for taking notes during the meeting or writing down a reminder after the guest leaves.


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shelving unit, 112x147 cm, white

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stepladder, 3 steps, 63 cm, black


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drawer unit on castors, 35x75 cm, black-brown

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basket, 32x34x32 cm, rattan

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potted plant, 24 cm, Areca palm



desk, 140x60 cm, white stained oak veneer/black

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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, black


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rug flatwoven, in/outdoor, 200x200 cm, black/white



armchair, Skiftebo yellow

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139 €

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artificial potted plant, 12 cm, in/outdoor/hanging Ivy


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plant pot, 12 cm, rattan


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plant pot, 24 cm, rattan


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wall shelf, 80x30 cm, white/white


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LED work lamp, black

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armchair, rattan/anthracite

119 €


bracket, 30x30 cm, white

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cabinet with doors, 80x120 cm, white

229 €


fabric, 150 cm, broad-striped/black/white


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