Take a moment to enjoy the results of wrapped gifts long before they are planned to be opened. There are so many ways to make it happen this season! Try something new, and go for a more sustainable alternative, like incorporating the wrapping as a part of the gift. Could it be a reusable box or kitchen towel, or maybe even a set of glowy string lights?
Make it playful
Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus as paper dolls? Absolutely! With this patterned VINTER 2019 gift wrap you can both wrap presents and do arts and crafts. Dressing up the paper Santa will help you pass the time while waiting for the real one.
More than just a paper
Discover the unbleached paper as a trendy and sustainable way to wrap gifts. It is renewable, possible to recycle and has no negative impact on the environment. VINTER 2019 paper rolls come in three different patterns. Which one do you like most?
A wrapping that lasts
Get inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki tradition and wrap your next present in a pretty piece of cloth instead of in paper. Perfect, not only because it looks great but because it can be reused over and over.
Add a personal touch
Use paper labels and Christmas decorations to make your gift even more special. Add a personal greeting, write the name of the addressee, or save some labels as placement cards when setting the table for a party.
Box it up
Getting a pretty present together doesn’t have to be more complicated than putting that precious giveaway in a nice jar, tin or a transparent SAMMANHANG box. And that’s about it. Unless you want to top it all off with a piece of string and a twig, of course.
Let it twinkle
With VISSVASS LED lighting chain used for a ribbon,
even the modest wrapping paper can look festive and fancy. Add some twinkle to your gifts by turning on the battery operated lights right before giving them to your loved ones.
Mix up the patterns
Stripes and checks, dots and spots, rolls and bags, packs and wraps! VINTER 2019 paper rolls come in handy when you need to wrap bigger gifts, while the gift bags are a great, and quick, go-to solution for sweet treats and just about everything that’s small enough to fit.


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box, 23x31x15 cm, pine


More options available


LED lighting chain with 40 lights, indoor/battery-operated silver-colour



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