Meet the heroes of this week: a young family from Vilnius including Inesa, Vytenis and their little daughter Kotryna. Young parents who spend a lot of time working and traveling have never worried about the setup of their home, but after the birth of their daughter, Inesa discovered cooking as her new hobby and realized that the old kitchen is simply unsuitable to enjoy it. Why? IKEA interior designer Ingrida helped her find the answer to this question.
Before: kitchen on the balcony

Before the renovation, the family kitchen was set up on their narrow balcony. Not only it was too tiny, bus also too hot during the summer, since the sun quickly heats up the room, and too cold during the winter. Cooking together was almost impossible, as well as watching Kotryna when she played in another room. Inesa and Vytenis had a dream of a more spacious kitchen, but they still wanted to preserve the dining area and finally return the balcony to its primary purpose. Is that even possible? Take a look and decide for yourself.
After: one room for all

The kitchen with dining area is a place where we usually spend most of the time. Here we cook, eat, work, relax, play and socialize... This is why Ingrida, our interior designer, wanted to give a multifunctional kitchen to Inesa and Vytenis.

The kitchen now features not only enough storage space for all cooking utensils and tools, but also a dining table and even a corner for Kotryna to play in. The closed cabinets can hold many items, and the matte white fronts make the kitchen always look tidy and organised.

For dining, Ingrida has chosen a round DOCKSTA table with soft edges - it is safer when living with children and takes up relatively little space. The round table can seat more guests than a rectangular one of the same size, and if necessary, it can also serve for a desk, since the interior designer installed a separate lighting above it. 

“I wanted to make the most of the floor space and the height of the room. Therefore, in the area of the former dining room, I designed an L-shaped kitchen with cabinets up to the ceiling. This kind of kitchen takes up less space and makes it easy to accommodate a dining table. For optimal flow, I arranged the kitchen in accordance with a so called working triangle rule: keeping the 1.5 to 2.4 m distance between the fridge, the cooking zone and the washing up zone makes the everyday kitchen life a lot easier.”

Ingrida Briedė, IKEA interior designer
A play corner

While parents are cooking, their baby can also have fun. In the kitchen, Ingrida has planned a mobile play corner that can be moved from one place to another. It features a practical storage bag, an easy-to-clean JÄTTELIK rug made of durable, stain-resistant synthetic fibres and a NISSAFORS trolley that can change its function as Kotryna grows. It is now convenient to store toys and can be used for storing dishes, food or other kitchen items in the future.
More space to relax

After moving out the kitchen, the balcony has turned into a cosy retreat to sit back and relax while sipping the morning coffee or admiring the view from the window. The wide windowsills now serve for a bar table, and the two comfortable FRANKLIN bar stools can fold up to save space when not in use. As for the windows, Ingrida has chosen curtains that let the sunlight through but block the sunrays, therefore the balcony will not heat up so quickly.
And even more storage!

In the balcony niche that was formerly used for a fridge, the interior designer placed a KOLBJÖRN metal shelving unit with cabinet. This furniture combination is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so it can withstand any weather conditions. It will be a perfect place for Inesa and Vytenis to store their gardening tools, books or other items they need to enjoy time on the balcony.

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box with lid

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bar stool with backrest, foldable

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