Meet our heroes Agnietė and Valdemaras in their first apartment and see how IKEA interior designer Ingrida Briedė has set up their living room.
Too much space, too little inspiration
Agnietė and Valdemaras have a spacious living room in their new apartment, but both of them lack a vision on how it should be furnished. Before the upgrade, there were only a few pieces of old furniture.

In the center of this half-empty room, there is a lot of free floor space, yet there is no room for storage. Everything from books to TV to potted flowers is kept on the floor, except for framed pictures - they found their place on the windowsill.

The couple wanted to have a TV corner and a sofa-bed, so they could welcome their guests and be ready for some of them to stay during the night. They also mentioned reading as a hobby they have in common, which means they really need some bookshelves or a bookcase for their collection of books.
It's time to change
Agnietė and Valdemaras asked for modern interior and light colours. Therefore besides the pastel walls and textiles, the upgraded living room also features a BASTUBO corner sofa-bed with a cover in beige. On one of the armrests, Ingrida hung a KNALLBÅGE organizer perfect for storing books and remote controls.
More light, more cosiness
To make the upgraded living room cosier, Ingrida added two layers of new curtains. They give more privacy and block light from shining through, when needed. When the curtains are closed, proper lighting helps light up the room. Besides the main pendant lamp with three shades, there are several additional lamps, including LERSTA floor/reading lamp and FADO table lamp next to the sofa-bed.
Resting and reading
As reading is one of the couple's hobbies, our interior designer decided to give them a POÄNG rocking chair. Its high back gives good support for the neck and it comes together with a footstool that brings even more pleasure for the resting body.
For all little treasures
Uniqueness is in the details. That is why Ingrida dedicated on of the walls for couple's memories and little treasures. For this "gallery", she has chosen the neat yet durable BERGSHULT wall shelves. When supported by 3 brackets, every 120 cm long shelf carries a max. of 20 kg.
Make every wall work
Ingrida dedicated the wall between the two windows for a TV corner and a BILLY bookcase. The latter is shallow yet high and can be combined out of several units. This bookcase is suitable not only for books, but also for crockery and travel souvenirs. With integrated lighting and glass doors, any display looks beautiful and stays free from dust.

The interior designer hung the TV between two rows of BESTÅ cabinets. The furniture of this series can be placed on the floor or be mounted on the walls and is easy to apply for your home. You can choose from many different colours, surfaces and dimensions, and customize the storage when needed by adding new cabinets or replacing the fronts.


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bookcase, 80x30x202 cm, white

129 €

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bookcase, 40x28x202 cm, white

45 €

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bookcase, 80x28x202 cm, white

59 €

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sheer curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, white

12,99 / 2 pack


room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, light grey


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floor/reading lamp, aluminium



picture ledge, 55 cm, white


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side table on castors, 64x64 cm, white


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storage box with lid, 25x35x20 cm, white


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basket, 25 cm, seagrass


Regular price 12,99


table lamp, 25 cm, white


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artificial leaf, 65 cm, eucalyptus/green


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plant stand, 78 cm, bamboo/white


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rug flatwoven, in/outdoor, 160x230 cm, beige


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footstool, birch veneer/Hillared beige

69 €

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frame, 21x30 cm, aluminium



frame, 23x23 cm, birch effect



wall bracket for TV, fixed, 37-55 "



pouffe, 45 cm, beige

Old Price 49,99