Let us invite you to a rented one-room apartment, where Jolita and her little daughter live after divorce. IKEA interior designer Kotryna Meškauskaitė came here to help them breathe new life into their 24-hour living room.
A living room, a bedroom and a play room
Jolita and her daughter spend most of their time in this room. It is used for sleeping, playing, watching TV and storage. As Jolita complained in the questionnaire, the dark furniture and an old-fashioned pendant lamp make their room oppressive.
Before the upgrade, this room was full of furniture placed without any order. Although Jolita had several chests of drawers and a wardrobe, there still weren't enough room for clothes and toys. 
With mother and child living in the same room, Jolita had neither a place to spend some time alone nor a corner for beauty treatments.
The only piece of furniture Jolita wanted to keep was a light grey sofa-bed. It determined colours and style of the new interior. "You don't have to replace all furniture to make the interior modern and fresh. Sometimes changing their layout or adding some new textiles is totally enough," says IKEA interior designer.
It's time to change
After replacing the old dark furniture into white-coloured one, the room became brighter and looks more spacious. Now every piece of furniture is here for a reason. They do not block the window and make cleaning easier.
For beauty treatments
Next to the window, Kotryna placed a dressing table with a mirror and MUSIK wall lamps, so now the mother can apply her make-up without turning the general lighting on. Both a deep drawer of MICKE desk and a MOSSLANDA ledge help organise jewellery and make-up.
All functions in one
The new PLATSA modular storage system has replaced the old wardrobe and the chests of drawers. It now serves for both a wardrobe and a TV bench. It also has many drawers with SKUBB boxes for toys and other smaller items.

Together and separately
IKEA interior designer Kotryna set out to create a space that would work for a child, within an adult living room. It is now suitable for reading, watching animation or playing together, as well as having a "me-time" when needed.
The play area
The part of the room that belongs to Jolita's little daughter looks like a tiny children's room. To create this mini room, Kotryna started with an extendable MINNEN bed. Then, she added a TROFAST storage combination that makes reaching and organising toys easier, and a MÅLA easel with 10 metres of a LUSTIGT "colouring book" filled with details and imaginative figures.

"By combining the frames and removable boxes, you can organise your own TROFAST storage solution. And with different options for colour and size, it’s sure to fit right in."

Kotryna Meškauskaitė, IKEA interior designer


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99x44x94 cm white

49 €

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73x50x75 cm white


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mixed colours

2,29 / 9 pack


storage case

71x51x18 cm white/grey


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toy storage with wheels

39x31 cm




65x65 cm black


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cushion cover

50x50 cm light beige


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130x170 cm off-white


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picture ledge

12x55 cm black


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net curtains, 1 pair

280x300 cm white

4,99 / 2 pack


box with lid

30x23 cm white

4 €



52x50x84 cm black/Broringe white




40x28 cm white

1 €

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