Let‘s visit our heroes for this week, Viktorija and Tomas. After living abroad for a long time, the couple decided to repatriate and settle into a new home. To make their new beginnings easier, IKEA interior designer Irina Nechvedovičienė has helped them with the renewal of their attic bedroom.
A bedroom or a wardrobe?
A small room in the attic has two functions. Viktorija and Tomas use this room for sleeping and storage, while spending their leisure time elsewhere. Perhaps that is the why the half-empty space had only two pieces of furniture: a double bed and a clothes rack. Not to mention a bunch of stuff around them, on them and under them.

The biggest challenge for the couple and our interior designer was finding space for all the couple's stuff. Before the upgrade, the suitcases were hidden under the bed, the underwear used to "live" in baskets on the floor, various accessories were hanging on the lamp, and the clothes rack used to constantly break.
Functional interior...
Irina has started with the new colour palette. She has chosen light grey paint for the walls, to create a neutral background for new furniture and accessories. 
As Viktorija and Tomas asked for a new bed, Irina replaced the old bed frame with the new MALM. It has four storage boxes that are perfect for quilts, pillows and seasonal clothes. As there was no space for standard bed side tables, Irina has planned two EKET cabinets on both sides of the new bed.
... with a bit of romance
Besides all the functional solutions, Irina decided to bring some romance to the couple's bedroom by choosing pastel accessories. These include bed textiles in soft colours and two PJÄTTERYD pictures over the headboard. She has also planned some new lighting solutions. Before the upgrade, there were only two wall lamps in the room. Now, they are combined with a third wall lamp over the bed, a floor lamp in front of the bed and some additional wardrobe lights.
Goodbye, old clothes rack!
The couple needed a wardrobe, but had no room for any of standard solutions. This is why Irina decided to plan a customizable PLATSA storage combination under the sloped ceiling. It is combined out of separate frames of different widths and depths, so is easy to adapt to a non-standard space.
You can do it yourself
By combining frames from the PLATSA series with items from the HJÄLPA and LÄTTHET series of interiors and exteriors, you can create exactly the solution you need. Or you can choose one of our suggested combinations and add or remove interiors and exteriors as you wish.
Even more space for storage
To use the empty space between the cabinet and the window, our interior designer placed there a SATSUMAS plant stand. This decorative ladder with pots allows growing plants and is perfect for storing small items, such as lint rollers.
In front of the bed, by the opposite wall, there is an EKET storage combination with open shelves and drawers. The number of these combinations is endless, as everyone can plan one of their own.

"The easiest way to upgrade your home is starting with details and accessories. Buy some new cushions or bed linen, find matching curtains and replace the old rug. Finally, put all stuff that has no place, into boxes. Beautiful storage boxes can also serve as interior accents."

Irina Nechvedovičienė, IKEA interior designer


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ottoman bed, 160x200 cm, white

499 €


duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, 200x200/50x60 cm, grey


More options available


pendant lamp shade, 43 cm, white


More options available


vase, 21 cm, pink


More options available


storage case, 34x51x28 cm, white/grey


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artificial leaf, 65 cm, eucalyptus/green


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frame, 13x18 cm, white


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LED cabinet lighting strip w sensor, 52 cm, battery-operated white

15 €

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tealight holder/vase, 12 cm, blue



wire basket with pull-out rail, 60x40 cm, white

12 €

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wall-mounted shelving unit, 35x35x35 cm

32 €

More options available


cushion cover, 65x65 cm, light pink



storage case, 44x55x19 cm, white


More options available


frame, 13x18 cm, birch effect



storage case, 55x49x19 cm

2 €