This week, we are visiting Simona, Laimonas and their little son Augustus. The family lives in a large house with an attic where they once wanted to set up an area for work and leisure, but it somehow became a pantry. The primary purpose of the attic was remembered during the quarantine, as Laimonas needed a space for working from home. To begin with the long-promised makeover, the family called the IKEA interior designer Birutė for help. Check the result and browse the IKEA digital catalogue for even more ideas and practical tips.

Before the makeover
For a long time, the attic of Simona and Laimonas has served as a pantry for storing boxes with Augustas' outgrown clothes, travel photo canvases, sports equipment, and all of Laimonas' music instruments. There was no space left for working, therefore Laimonas had to move from one room to another several times a day, and even used an ironing board as a desk sometimes, despite the fact that he needed space not only for his computer, but also a printer and many work-related documents.
Goodbye, the attic. Hello, the office!
Now that a desk with FINNVARD trestles has appeared in the attic, Laimonas can work more comfortably and without being disturbed. Since he is a tall man, Birutė decided to choose a solution that is adjustable in height. In addition to the desk, the new home office also features some BERGSHULT/PERSHULT wall shelves for the frequently used items, and a LÅNGFJÄLL conference chair that has no wheels, so that it would be safer for Augustas to crawl and play around.
The interior designer did not forget Simona either. She has placed a comfortable POÄNG armchair with a footstool next to her husband's desk. It will be a great place for a short coffee break or the search for new ideas, as Simona is interested in interior design and often reads magazines in the field. To provide more light, Birutė has placed the armchair under the skylight, but the lightweight piece of furniture can be easily moved to any place needed. 
After the working hours
At the end of the workday, the new attic turns into a perfect place to spend time together. The whole family loves music: Laimonas plays drums in a band with his school friends, likes playing guitar and singing, Simona loves dancing, and the little Augustas enjoys watching his parents performing. It will be much more comfortable to do while sitting on the SÖDERHAMN modular sofa with a chaise longue. For even more comfort, Birutė has moved the drums from the corner under the sloping ceiling closer to the center of the room. The KOLON floor protector placed under the drums helps avoid scratches on the floor, and the high pile SKARRESÖ rug under the sofa provides a soft area for Augustas to play. The two ALSEDA stools made of banana fibre can accommodate even more guest or be placed on each other and serve for a coffee table. Although all the furniture in this room is light in colour, both the armchair and the sofa have removable covers that can be machine washed and are easy to keep clean.


“I believe that home furnishing starts with people. Their lifestyle and hobbies determine what the interior should look like. All the solutions in this space came from Laimonas and Simona's past and shared experiences. The couple met by the sea, so their new room features seaside motifs, natural materials and earth tones. I have also created a memory wall with some photos from the family album and some old polished pieces of the bench from the seaside where Laimonas made a proposal to Simona.”

Birutė Beniušė, IKEA interior designer
More storage space
Wooden IVAR cabinets stretched along the wall let the family hide documents or less good-looking items behind the weave doors and keep their beloved things (including Simona's magazines) on the open shelves. The TJENA boxes are here for grouping smaller items and keeping the room clutter free, while the HOL storage table near the dad's desk is a perfect place for storing Augustas' toys.


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floor protector, 120x100 cm



vase, set of 3, clear glass

Old Price 12,99


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book-end, white



storage box with lid, 25x35x20 cm, white


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basket, 25 cm, seagrass

Old Price 12,99



vase/bowl, set of 3, clear glass

Old Price 17,99


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stool, banana fibre



plant pot, 12 cm, water hyacinth



cushion cover, 50x50 cm, light beige

Old Price 7,99


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frame, 32x32 cm, black


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footstool, white stained oak veneer/Knisa light beige

Old Price 59 €

45 €

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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, grey/beige


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floor lamp, bamboo/handmade



table lamp, 36 cm, bamboo/handmade



bracket, 30x30 cm, white

5 €

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shelf, 120x30 cm, brown-black


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corner section cover, Viarp beige/brown

Old Price 140 €

130 €


storage box with lid, 25x35x10 cm, white


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storage table, 98x50 cm, acacia



armchair, white stained oak veneer/Knisa light beige

89 €

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