Meet Justė (15 years old) and Jokūbas (17 years old), the siblings who share one room and have a hard time to find enough space for their two very different growing personalities. Justė loves dancing and gardening, Jokūbas enjoys skateboarding and building the boards himself. They both have many hobby-related items and, unfortunately, too little space to accommodate them all. Therefore, the parents of the teenagers asked our interior designer Dovilė for help. Check the result and browse the IKEA digital catalogue for even more ideas and practical tips.

One room for two
Living together in almost 19-square-meter room may not seem like a big challenge. But when you take two teenagers and add all of their stuff, hobbies and a need for some privacy... The situation can become a bit more complicated. The room of Justė and Jokūbas no longer manages to grow together with their needs. There is a lack of space for new hobbies, the wardrobe from their childhood is too small for all of their clothes, and the old pieces of furniture are not compatible with each other. Besides, the parents would like to de-clutter the room, since Jokūbas has already turned it into a workshop.
Sleeping, studying and having fun
When renovating this room, interior designer Dovilė wanted to meet the expectations of the whole family. The parents asked for white colour and Scandinavian minimalism, while Justė and Jokūbas wanted to have more personal space. After splitting the room in half, each of the teens now has a separate desk, a bed and their own hobby area that they can host as they wish.

Property of Jokūbas
With a separate space of his own, Jokūbas now has a foldable table installed in the IVAR storage unit for building the skateboards. After finishing the work, this table takes up very little space, while the tools and materials can be put into boxes of different sizes. To provide enough light, Dovilė attached two adjustable SKURUP work lamps to the top of the cabinet. Next to the workshop, there is also some space for Jokūbas' skateboards collection on the BERGSHULT wall shelves with GRANHULT brackets. Such shelves can be shortened to the required dimensions, since the brackets cover their edges.
A spot for Justė
Before the renovation, Justė was unable to learn the dance steps at home due to her brother’s hobbies. Now she has a PAX wardrobe with VIKEDAL mirror doors and enough space in front of them for her rehearsals. To free up space in the center of the room, the interior designer displaced all the items and put them into drawers under the SLÄKT bed, on EKET wall shelves and MOSSLANDA picture ledges. The SKÅDIS pegboards with storage accessories and KALLAX shelving unit placed between the desks help the siblings keep their room in order and quickly find everything they need. The shelving unit is convenient for storing books or boxes with smaller items.

“If there are two kids, especially teenagers, living in the same room, there is no need for them to have two identical beds. Rather than that, let the kids choose the beds themselves. The most important thing is that both pieces of furniture fit together and are functional. In this case, the space under the bed is used for storage, which is a great help in small spaces.”

Dovilė Genytė, IKEA interior designer


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shelving unit, 77x147 cm, white


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picture ledge, 115 cm, white


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step stool, 50 cm, white


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box, 46x31x25 cm, pine


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picture ledge, 55 cm, white


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wardrobe with 2 doors, 100x38x201 cm, white/Vikedal mirror glass

205 €

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place mat, 37 cm, seagrass/black



pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

15 €

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pegboard, 36x56 cm, white

10 €

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cushion, 50x50 cm, multicolour



shelf, 120x30 cm, white


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bracket, 30x12 cm, nickel-plated

11 € / 2 pack

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artificial bouquet, 31 cm, in/outdoor green


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shelf, 120x20 cm, white


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wastepaper basket, white



vase, 15 cm, clear glass


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cabinet, 35x25x35 cm, white stained oak effect

17 €

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