Be our guest at the Kaunas city social service centre. Here, together with our interior designer Ūla and other IKEA co-workers, we continue to create a cosy temporary home for the families who yet don't feel safe at their own home. At the second stage of our makeovers, we have renovated three more family rooms, a space for leisure and a shared kitchen.
Before the renovation
Before the renovation, families were living comfortably yet very modestly, only with some essential furniture in the rooms. However, the heads of the centre wanted to provide families not only with temporary shelter, but also with a child-friendly environment that would develop social skills, motivate them to return to a normal life, and be suitable for studying, relaxing and having fun.
Shared kitchen and dining room
In the crisis centre, families share a common kitchen, so there must be enough space not only for storage of products and dinnerware, but also for eating together. The extendable table can seat 4 to 8 people at a time, and the roomy kitchen that stretches along the wall offers plenty of storage space. There also is an extra island with drawers for different kitchenware. Drawers are marked with stickers to make finding and putting all items back easier even for children.
Corner for studies and crafts
Life moves on, even if you stay at the temporary home. Children still need to study and want to create, so there's a desk in each room to have a private corner for studies and crafts. Storage for books and stationery is also provided - right on the wall with open shelves and pegboards.
Family bedroom
We wanted to furnish all the bedrooms in a similar way. This is why now each of the rooms has a cosy nursery corner with a cot, a chaise longue, and space-saving beds for older children. Some rooms have bunk beds, while others have single bed frames with underbed and storage.
Space for leisure and play
What to do when your homework is done? Play and have some fun, of course! We have upgraded the space for family leisure to fill it with light, colours and action. While some of the kids are using the play kitchen, others can draw and play around. The best part is, when it's time to go to bed, organising all toys is a child's play. All the cabinets, shelves and drawers are easy to reach for the little ones.

“Children's spaces and furniture must be designed for children. This is why all tables, chairs, shelves and even the washbasin in the play area are smaller and placed lower than usual.
Ūla Žebrauskaitė, IKEA interior designer

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children's table, 83x58 cm


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table mirror, 27x40 cm, ash


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pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

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napkin holder, black



container, white

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container with lid, white

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swivel armchair, white/red



soft toy, orangutan



memo board, 40x60 cm, black


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pendant lamp, 33 cm, white