Two adults and two kids sharing a small apartment can be a challenge, but with a bit of ingenuity it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let us show you how.
A hidden bedroom
One room for children and one room for everything else? Let it be. If you live in a two-room apartment and one of them is a children's room, set up a living room that can be used for family time or guests by days and turns into a bedroom by nights.
Create on/off play zones
Create a living room's storage with an element of surprise! Turn the lower cabinets into a permanent doll’s house or a full-time studio for your children's painting and drawing sessions. The activity is easy to contain, and can be taken out and hidden away in no time. When playtime is over, just close the doors and all you’ll see is pure adult style.
Comfy seating for everyone
By adding children's furniture outside the children's room, you can spend more time with your kids. MAMMUT chairs made from harmless plastic are perfect for outdoor use since they can withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt. Yet they will also look great in your living room - just match the colour of these chairs to other seating furniture you have.
One wardrobe for kids and adults
If your home is small, it has to be well organised. Choose double-duty storage, such as PAX wardrobe, that will work for both you and your kids. While you keep your clothes on top shelves and rails, the lower shelves and wire baskets are easy to access for your kids, giving them the freedom to play safely and independently.

A room that grows together
They may be small now, but children grow up fast! So all our children's furniture are made to keep up with these changes and last for years to come.
BUSUNGE extendable bed that can be pulled out as your child grows and FLISAT children's desk adjustable to three different heights are just the two of them.
Welcome to the playground
When furnishing a kid’s room, always make sure to look at it from their perspective. Spark their imagination with playful furniture from the MAMMUT series or a colourful range of STUVA desks and wardrobes for your little one to choose from. In the end, it's through playing that children develop and learn. So make their learning fun!
A secret toy stash
Encourage independence. Make it easy for the kids to get their toys out and put them away afterwards all by themselves. Use STUVA storage with wheels as a secret toy stash. There is plenty of space for large things like soft toys and balls – perfect for tidying up in a flash.


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extendable bed, 80x200 cm, white

Old Price 199 €

179 €


children's chair, in/outdoor/white

15 €

More options available


soft toy, white/black



mirror, 40x150 cm, black

Old Price 34,99


More options available


wall lamp w swing arm, wired-in, white


More options available


soft toy, panda

Old Price 24,99



children's chair, in/outdoor/red

15 €

More options available


side table on castors, 64x64 cm, white


More options available


children's chair, in/outdoor/pink

15 €

More options available


pendant lamp, bamboo/handmade



soft toy, tiger



children's stool, in/outdoor/yellow

10 €

More options available


rug, 100x160 cm, grey



swivel armchair, white/red



wall-mounted shelving unit, 35x25x35 cm, white stained oak effect

20 €

More options available


Children's desk, adjustable

Old Price 89,99



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