We want to constantly inspire you to have a better everyday life. This is why we update the first five rooms in our store's Showroom at least once a year. Most recently, our interior designer Mantvydas has renovated this living room connected to the kitchen.

Meet the family

Before planning a new interior, we always imagine what kind of people would live there. This room is designed for a couple raising a boy. Mom is a professional pastry chef who works in a restaurant and teaches at a culinary academy. She plans to publish a baking and pastry book during her maternity leave. And her husband is a photographer who spends his spare time designing skateboards and longboards.
The interior designer dedicated one wall of the living room for storage. The BILLY bookcases are placed across the entire width of the wall and up to the ceiling, offering enough room for both mom's library and other family belongings.
Their son’s toys have found a place under the TV cabinet, inside two stylish baskets that match the interior and are easy to reach without any help of his parents.
A mobile trolley is also very useful for storage. Its shelves can be used to store toys, creative tools, or quick snacks. And when it’s not needed anymore, the trolley is easy to move away.

There’s always be room for hobbies at home

Both parents have similar interests and like spending their free time actively. In the warm season, they spend a lot of time riding roller skates or longboards in parks. Thus, we have installed a place to store their equipment in the living room. A combination of SKÅDIS pegboards not only holds the family’s skateboard collection, but also works as an interior decoration that give the room a distinctive character. There is also a desk where dad creates new skateboard designs and a storage unit on castors for his tools.
So that mom can try her new recipes in comfort, we installed two ovens, a tall refrigerator and a separate freezer in the kitchen and allocated three big drawers for baking utensils. There is also a shelf for beautiful serving dishes and a kitchen island, which is perfect for taking photos of the freshly baked delicacies.
To make the living room safe for living with a kid, most of the furniture are rounded in shape. Since the boy is interested in his mom's profession, there is also a place for a toy kitchen in the room, right next to the TROFAST children's storage combination, which is easy and fun to use without any help. When the boy gets tired of watching the lives of adults, he can safely engage in his own activities. Like playing!

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45-piece train set with rail



desk with pull-out panel, 151x65 cm, black-brown

169 €

More options available


storage box, 42x30x23 cm, white

5 €

More options available


rocking-moose, red/rubberwood



toy storage with wheels



coffee table, 90 cm, black-brown

129 €


3-piece crane and wagon set



pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

15 €

More options available


pegboard, 56x56 cm, white

13 €

More options available


container, white

3 €

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elastic cord, grey

3 € / 3 pack


trolley, 50.5x30x83 cm, black


More options available


armchair, Lejde grey/black

370 €

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swivel chair, anthracite

99 €

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basket, 30x36x25 cm, dark grey



box, 18x27x17 cm, black yellow/turquoise

7,99 / 3 pack


speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, black

199 €


pendant lamp, black


More options available


table with air purifier, stained oak veneer/dark brown smart

179 €


work lamp with wireless charging, anthracite


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2-seat sofa, Lejde grey/black

699 €

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