There are many things you can do at home, apart from the usual routine activities. Your home can become your office, your virtual interactions hub, and your hobby spot. And it can all be achieved without large investments.
Compact home office
The workplace at home does not necessarily need to take a lot of space. Check out SVALNÄS - a compact wall-mounted solution for all your work-related needs. It goes perfectly, combined with TROLLBERGET stool.
Mini workshop
If you're saving space, NORDEN foldable table is the right choice! When not used, it takes no more space than a simple cabinet. It even has storage space, to hold your hobby-related tools and materials. SKÅDIS perforated board will also bring some order to your hobby spot. Lastly, do not forget the DALFRED stool. Its height can be adapted to your needs. Voila, the hobby spot is ready!
A versatile solution
Mobile cabinet, such as BEKANT, can be remarkably useful. Need a place to put work-related documents? Bring it to your workplace. Need additional surface for tools, while working on your hobby? Bring it to your hobby spot. You can even sit on it, or use it to show off your magnet collection.
Workplace alternative - the hammock
We know it sounds crazy, but we also know that it totally works. Working, snoozing, and working again. A perfect combination, which is possible because of the BYLLAN laptop tray. Need a small table for a glass of water and your cell phone? Choose TRANARÖ stool instead.



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folding chair, white

19 €

More options available


bar stool, 63-74 cm, black

39 €


pendant lamp, white


More options available


basket, 25 cm, seagrass



plant pot, 12 cm, brass-colour


More options available


pegboard, 76x56 cm, white

15 €

More options available


storage unit with smart lock, 41x61 cm, mesh white

244 €

More options available


gateleg table, 26/89/152x80 cm, birch

199 €