Decorating for the holidays can be a quite personal process. Whether you like a “less-is-more”, minimal approach, or full-on holiday glam, we’ve got a little something for everyone.
They say holidays are for children...
This is why our holiday range offers a variety of playful decorations for younger family members to enjoy too. So, mom, dad, take a step back and let the kids decorate for a change. With VINTERFEST decoration baubles made of a durable material that doesn't break if they are dropped, and a little help of BEKVÄM step stool, it might turn out to be the cosiest holiday ever.
For candle lovers
Looking to bring some light into your life? Add atmosphere to any moment with the glow of our unscented VINTERFEST candles – they can light up dark mornings, make a one-on-one dinner more romantic or make a room feel warmer and more inviting.
Evergreen decorations
Get in to the holiday spirit with our collection of artificial garlands and wreaths, featuring a variety of styles and designs to suit your festivities. Spruce up your table setting or decorate a door, as these evergreen decorations are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Regular or fancy?
Not only children dream about a sparkling Christmas. Bring out your inner child with our Christmas tree decorations in VINTERFEST series! They come in different colours, materials, shapes and sizes, so y can create a traditional image, a magical mix or go for a theme - it's up to you.
The more, the merrier
When a Christmas tree is not enough, why not having three of them? This tiny VINTERFEST decoration set is a great alternative to Christmas trees if you don't want to clean up fallen needles.
The table is set
Do you dream of a traditional holiday with a modern twist? Go for white as the bright base, and for details in red and blue. Add a touch of green (and scent!) from spruce twigs and warm yellow from twinkling lights. There you go, the table is set!
No matter the season
The GODTAGBAR ceramic blue and white vase is hand-painted, making each one slightly different from the other. It works just as well for a mini holiday tree in winter as for your favourite indoor plant in any other time of the year.
Welcome Santa or pamper yourself
In case you want to welcome Santa with something more than milk and cookies, our STRANDMON wing chair with a footstool can be that little extra. And you know what? After Santa leaves, you will have the throne for your own! A perfect spot to loosen up and relax in comfort because the high back on this chair provides extra support for your neck.


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step stool, 50 cm, birch


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box, 23x31x15 cm, pine


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drop-leaf table, 74/104x74 cm, white

129 €

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LED lighting chain with 40 lights, indoor/battery-operated silver-colour