Waiting for the winter holidays, thinking about decorations and setting the mood at home brings so much fun! So why not extend the joy. Let's start preparing for Christmas in advance and make them last a bit longer.

A chair that even Santa would envy
You can try to match the Christmas decorations to the furniture or colours of your home. Or you can do it vice versa. The STRANDMON wing chair with a dark green cover made of warm and shiny velvet will look beautiful next to your lush Christmas tree. But that’s just one of the reasons we love this piece so much. To find out the second one, you have to take a seat.
Make room for everyone
If you tend to have guests not once nor twice, you may be aware that there are two types of them: those you have invited yourself and the unexpected ones. To make sure that you have enough room for everyone at the festive table, prepare some spare chairs in advance. The TERJE chairs can be folded and hung on the wall to take less space when you're not using them.
Every day is worth celebrating
When you are in a good mood and have everything you need, even an ordinary breakfast or an evening with a book can turn into a feast. Would you like to grab some festive snacks while reading? For serving gingerbread cookies, a cup of cranberry kissel or other traditional meals, use the MARYD serving table with a removable tray. It is very handy and most importantly - bright.
Hiding under the table
Dinners, parties, holidays - a dining table is ready for anything. You can even make use of the space underneath it. Set there a cosy hideaway for your kids by laying a rug on the floor and a large tablecloth on the table. While you are looking for new Christmas recipes, the kids will be able to play or read winter tales in their new favourite spot.
When it's dark outside
The STRÅLA star-shaped lamp shades fills your home with light inside and attracts the passers-by outside. Combine the lampshade with STRÅLA cord set or base and hang or place the star in the window. Maybe this year it will guide Santa straight to your home?
If the light provided by the stars appears not to be enough, light come block candles and decorate the room with shiny gold accessories. The PÄRLBAND tealight holder can be used with a lit tealight or alone, as a beautiful object in its own right.
All that's left is waiting
When the festive mood and the list of guests has already been set, it is time to start waiting. Relax on your favourite couch with some soft SANELA cushions and start counting the days before Christmas. There are very few left!


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chair, white

59 €

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wing chair, Djuparp dark green

239 €

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unscented block candle, set of 5, white


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serving stand with lid, 29 cm, clear glass



footstool, Djuparp dark green


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unscented candle, 35 cm, white

6,99 / 8 pack

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tray table, 45x53 cm, black


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tealight holder, 10 cm



pendant lamp, 38 cm, black



LED lighting chain with 12 lights, indoor/battery-operated silver-colour


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LED lighting chain with 24 lights, outdoor black


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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, red


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tray table, 58x38x58 cm, dark red