Acme NT, a company operating in Kaunas, pays a lot of attention to office leisure areas: both in the premises of their employees and in the offices they rent to their customers. Our business interior designers are always ready to help them furnish these spaces with comfort and style.

About the project

Our last project with Acme NT was a kitchen and dining area for employees. The company director wanted his team to feel at home and provide them with a cosy, comfortable, and relaxing environment.
“The most important thing to consider when furnishing office leisure areas is ergonomics. The area must be convenient to move around, all items there should be easy to find and to maintain. It is also worth looking into the warranty period for the interior solutions you choose. Most of the IKEA kitchens are covered under a 25-year guarantee, while the office furniture is covered under a 10-year guarantee.”

Laura Krištopaitytė, IKEA interior designer
“In all projects with IKEA, we achieved the optimal compromise between functionality, price, and project implementation time. My biggest and most pleasant surprise was that with the help of IKEA products and specialists, we were able to set up comfortable and unique areas that remain stylish over time. But the most important thing is that all the services, furniture and accessories can be purchased from under one roof. This eliminates possible errors, reduces the duration of the project, and helps to save money.”

Viktoras Kozlovas, Acme NT director

More than just a dining area

The kitchen and dining area is one of the main attractions in the Acme NT office. Employees come here not only to enjoy meals, but also to chat, discuss work matters or social issues, and to celebrate team achievements. Therefore, we wanted to set up a space that resembles both a functional, traditional kitchen and a cosy café.
“Companies and employees are more and more interested in reducing their negative impact on the environment. This can be done by choosing certain interior solutions, such as furniture made from natural or recycled materials. The fronts of this office's kitchen are made in sustainable way: using recycled wood dressed in a foil of recycled PET bottles.”

Laura Krištopaitytė, IKEA interior designer
Interior accessories, textiles, and plants add cosiness to the office space. It is worth mounting some open shelves on the walls for decorations, books, or magazines. And if you are not good in taking care of live plants, the artificial ones will work just as well.
“The leisure area of the office allows playing bold colours. This project reflects the latest trends featuring calm green and earthy tones.”

Laura Krištopaitytė, IKEA interior designer

Free of charge interior for business

Here at IKEA, businesses can find interior solutions of aesthetical and functional design. Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to choose the furniture or set up your space, from offices to small shops, cafés, hotels, apartments, and other corporate premises.

If you decide to implement the proposed project and to purchase at least 70% of furniture and accessories at IKEA, the interior design service is free of charge.

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chair, white

39 €

More options available


table, 140x78 cm, black

179 €

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table, 125x75 cm, white

59 €

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chair, white/beige

79 €

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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, grey


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coffee table, 180x59 cm, walnut veneer

229 €


rug, flatwoven, 170x240 cm, handmade dark grey

289 €


cushion cover, 50x50 cm, dark grey


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chair, anthracite

79 €

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pendant lamp, 38 cm, stainless steel effect