Meet the first family of our TV project "HOME IDEA with IKEA". In a small one-room apartment, there are four of them: father Aistis, mother Rima, their son Elijus and their pet Ruku. Look how IKEA interior designer Eimantė Nemanė helped them renew their 24-hour living room.
One room for everything
As this family spends a lot of time at home, one room has to be adjusted to a growing child, work and leisure at the same time. The owners of this apartment are joking that in fact they have more than just one room: a bedroom, a living room, a child's room, a home office and a closet in one.

A clutter of different child and parents' things takes up a lot of space. The furniture is not always used by its primary purpose. For example, a sofa-bed is always extended, as it is used for dressing up or nurturing a toddler. And you can see a whole "pantry" on shelves of the changing table and under the cot.

The oblong room is now furnished in the way that makes it even longer and narrower. Besides, it is pretty dark, as the large wardrobe blocks a single window (nevertheless, this wardrobe is still too small for all family's stuff). On the front door of the wardrobe, you may see "a collage of thoughts" - the only object in this room that Rima and Aistis would like to keep after the update. 

"We've learned to be creative when looking for a place to do exercises, to house a changing table, or to store our stuff. As long as we could put one box with our things on another or hide something between the wardrobe and the window, there was no urgency to make a change."

It's time to change
When we asked the owners of this apartment what would the home of their dreams look like, Rima and Aistis named a spacious apartment with a lot of space for storage and a good view of the city skyline. Unfortunately, we couldn't change the view through the window, so we started the upgrade inside. After finding out the family's needs, Eimantė started thinking of the solutions. She decided to plan a spacious wardrobe for storage and install more different lighting solutions to make the room brighter even in cloudy days.
When results exceed expectations
The upgraded room is spacious, luminous and functional. Now, it has everything this young family needs. In the middle of the room, there is plenty of empty space, and all the furniture for comfortable working, spending time and living found their right places. To complete the wall over the sofa-bed, Eimantė decided to hang a large picture of the planet earth. As the family likes travelling ant planning their trips, it is a great inspiration for future holidays.
From living room to bedroom in no time
In the area of bedroom and living room, you will find a comfortable GRUNNARP sofa-bed. It saves space and optically increases the room because has the same colour as the walls. By day, sofa provides plenty of space for the family ant their guests. By night, it easily converts into a spacious double bed. There also is a storage box under the seating - even more space for family's stuff. Eimantė considered lighting that suits for reading, as Rima and Aistis like reading or using computer while being in bed.
A mini children's room
The baby's corner inherited the cot from the old room. "There is no need to throw away good furniture, especially if it fits the upgraded interior," explains Eimantė. There appeared a new box for baby's toys under the cot and a mobile RÅSKOG trolley next to it. The latter lets have various small items close at hand when needed. Eimantė strove to design the baby's corner as cosy and playful as possible. That is why she used the KLÄTTA decoration stickers, hung the DRÖMSYN wall lamp on the wall and laid the ÅDUM high pile rug on the floor.
Make room for play
After planning the room in a smart way, there is plenty of room on the floor, which means that parents can finally do exercises unobstructed, and their baby Elijus can learn crawling, and play on his new KLAPPA play mat.
Home office with storage
Next to the window that was formerly blocked by a wardrobe, Eimantė has planned the IVAR storage system. Aistis sometimes likes working from home, so besides the open shelves, cabinets and drawers for family's books and other small items, there also is the NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf table (it serves for a desk) with PATRULL corner bumpers for baby's safety. In front of the desk, there are a TERTIAL work lamp and a NILSERIK standing support that gives an active sitting position and improves posture. After job is done, the desk can be folded away to save space. On the open shelves, there also are two BOSNÄS footstools that can be used for storage and serve for stools as well as small tables for snack trays.
Get inspired everyday
The IVAR system has plenty of room for anything from things to thoughts, ideas, and even dreams. On the empty wall over the desk, Eimantė hung the „collage of thoughts“ (do you remember the one on the wardrobe door?). All the pictures found their place on the SKÅDIS pegboard combination with clips.
One wardrobe for all
A new PLATSA wardrobe is one of Rima's favourite solutions. This wardrobe is almost twice bigger than the old one, so at last there is enough room for all family's clothes, beddings, etc. Since the room is oblong, the high and wide wardrobe in its dark side makes the room feel wider. When planning this wardrobe, Eimantė has chosen doors and drawer fronts in three different colours (white, light grey and light wood) to make it look more dynamic. A lighting inside that turns on when the door opens.


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