This time, we are paying a visit to Vida in Klaipėda, an active and cheerful retiree who takes pleasure in watching TV, tending to her flowers and is frequently graced by the company of guests. Her daughter and grandchildren often stay overnight or pop in after school. Our mission is to set up the living room of Vida's dreams in her one-room apartment, which could serve as both living space and bedroom.

Before the renovation

The apartment has aged, which is particularly noticeable in the worn floors. Our interior designer Kazimieras faced a significant challenge: to revamp the apartment's main room into a contemporary living space where Vida could entertain guests, enjoy solitary moments and bond with her grandchildren, all without undertaking major renovations. Equally important was ensuring adequate storage for Vida's belongings, most of which are kept within this room.
“For a light, airy and modern interior, opt for white furniture. However, don't hesitate to incorporate accent colours and textures. Colourful cushions, throws and rugs can infuse warmth and cosiness, while light wood or steel accents add character to the space.”

Kazimieras Tiknius
IKEA interior designer

The same space with a different face

To accommodate the room's multifunctional requirements — including sleeping, storage, hosting guests and sleepovers for Vida's grandchildren — we partitioned the space into distinct areas. By eliminating a non-functional wardrobe, we repurposed the alcove into a sleeping area. Along the wall, we planned a practical storage system for Vida’s belongings and, in the brightest section of the room, we installed a sofa-bed, perfect for entertaining guests, watching TV or accommodating grandchildren during their visits.

Wait, where's the worn-out flooring?

The large STOCKHOLM rug not only infused warmth into the interior but also cleverly concealed the olg floor, saving the need for costly repairs. Complementing this, several smaller STOENSE rugs were strategically placed throughout the living room. These rugs boast a dense, thick and soft texture, ideal for placing next to the bed to enhance comfort for bare feet. Underneath all rugs, we've placed STOPP FILT underlays with anti-slip to prevent any mishaps, especially when the children are playing.

The more light, the cosier

In the living room, we faced the challenge of maximising the effectiveness of the single ceiling light available. This led us to choose the sleek SIMRISHAMN lamp in glass and chrome, renowned for its ability to illuminate a wider area. It matches well with the NYMÅNE floor lamp, featuring an adjustable lamp arm and head. To enhance functionality, we included a small reading lamp next to the bed, along with additional spotlights within glass-door cabinets. 

It's there for you around the clock

The BÅRSLÖV corner sofa-bed is comfortable to sit on while watching TV or unwinding with a good book and provides ample space to stretch out. However, its versatility extends beyond daytime use. It easily transforms into a double bed, perfect for accommodating Vida's grandchildren overnight. Crafted from a robust and durable fabric, its covers resist liquid absorption, meaning that any spills can be effortlessly cleaned by simply wiping the surface with a dry cloth.
In a space where one room serves multiple functions, versatile furniture is key. The VITTERYD coffee table features adjustable tabletop that can be raised or lowered to a comfortable level. This flexibility makes it ideal for various activities, whether it's enjoying a cup of coffee, working on a computer, or assisting grandchildren with homework.
“In a compact space, it's essential for all furniture to seamlessly integrate into a cohesive system. The furniture pieces in BESTÅ, PLATSA and MALM series blend in and look like they're all part of one set.”

Kazimieras Tiknius
IKEA interior designer
To use the full height of the room, we opted for modular furniture solutions. The PLATSA wardrobe and BESTÅ cabinets have been ingeniously repurposed to function as a versatile sideboard, TV stand and comprehensive storage system. 

Alcove bedroom

The unique shape of the room presented an opportunity to create a discreet separate bedroom in an alcove, cleverly concealed from view upon entering. Gone are the days of sleeping on the old sofa-bed – Vida can now enjoy the comfort of a MALM bed, complete with additional lighting and a convenient shelf for storing essentials before bedtime.
To make the most of top shelves and the unused space under the bed, various boxes are an excellent choice. VARDÖ bed storage boxes on castors can be effortlessly pulled out and pushed under the bed, providing convenient, dust-free storage for blankets, pillows or seasonal clothing.

The power of final touches

When furnishing your home, attention to detail can make a significant difference. The HOVSTA frames, displaying cherished photos and posters, along with the MOSSLANDA picture ledges featuring a special groove to keep smaller frames at the perfect angle, impart a sense of individuality to the interior of this living room.
Any room can become cosier and more vibrant with plants. In this living room, we've curated a diverse array of both live and maintenance-free artificial plants. Placed on a stand with shelves at varying heights, the plants of different sizes are showcased to their fullest potential.

Would use some help?

If you'd like to renovate your home without a big investment or major repairs, you can always ask our interior designers for help. With your input and home furnishing style preferences, whether it be traditional or modern, our professionals will help you navigate our wide range of products and create a complete furnishing solution for one or multiple rooms, or for your entire home.

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