This week we are visiting the office of The Lithuanian Human Rights Centre. Its employees deal with important issues on a daily basis and know how to create positive change in society, but when it comes to change in their own office, they have more questions than answers. Fortunately, our interior designer Rūta can help.

Before the renovation

The office had five workstations, a lounge area and a small kitchenette. Quite everything you could possibly need, but none of these areas performed as well as they should:
  • Working area lacked space for books, documents, files and other office essentials.
  • The kitchen had no fridge, no worktop for preparing the food and no dining table.
  • The lounge area was more often used for work meetings or eating than for real relaxation.

Interior designer‘s task

Rūta came to this office with a clear goal to divide the space into working, resting, storing, and dining areas, making the most of each of them. She used the brand colours of The Lithuanian Human Rights Centre for zoning: blue dominates in the dining and meeting area, red marks the lounge area, and the work area remains white, free of any distracting details.

Room for working and co-working

The largest area by the windows was reserved for workstations. We have kept the old office chairs and added some new TROTTEN desks and lockable drawer cabinets. Placed next to each other, the desks provide a comfortable space not only for working in silos, but also for meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Screens attached to the desks provide privacy and reduce noise in the office, as one side is made of sound-absorbing fabric. The screens can also be used for notes or reminders.

Boring papers? We don‘t think so.

To accommodate all the books and documents, there are now three FJÄLKINGE open shelving units placed along one of the office walls. We‘ve arranged the binders according to their colour. Neat and organised? Yes. Boring? Not at all!

Meeting-eating point

Blue walls, blue chairs and even a blue lamp! A distinctive colour makes this corner look as a separate room. We left it up to the office workers to decide whether it would be a dining or a meeting room.

Let‘s have a break!

We’ve also refurbished the office’s lounge area. In addition to the old sofa, there are now two extra chairs, a pouffe and a coffee table on castors. They all fit on the MORUM rug suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and therefore requiring no special care. The lounge area is also separated from the work area by KALLAX open shelving units that serve as a partition. To keep the office quiet, we have decorated the lounge area with noise-reducing textiles: rugs, curtains and cushions.

Note: when using pieces furniture as partitions, be sure to check their safety requirements. Higher furniture needs to be fixed to the walls.

Finally, a functional kitchen

The office kitchen was furnished with cabinets from the METOD series. They come with fronts in two different colours and materials, which allows dividing the same combination into two separate functions: wooden cabinets are meant for food and the white ones for other office needs. Behind the kitchen cabinet fronts there’s also an integrated fridge, a microwave oven and a drawer for waste sorting bins.
“Office workers should have bins for sorting at least four types of waste: glass, paper, plastic, and biodegradables. Our HÅLLBAR bins are designed to meet different waste sorting needs, and they can be placed freestanding anywhere in the office or integrated in a cabinet or drawer.”

Rūta Gajauskaitė, IKEA interior designer

Everywhere you look, it’s green

Office work requires long hours in front of the screen, therefore it’s nice to have a chance to rest one’s eyes. We chose green as a calming colour and decorated the office with plenty of plants, both potted and artificial. By hanging FEJKA artificial plants on the curtain rods, we have turned the low ceiling in the lounge area into a highlight of the whole office interior.

Can your office look this great? For sure.

If you lack ideas or need help furnishing your office or other business premises, we’re happy to help. Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to choose the furniture or set up your space, from offices and corporate premises to residential buildings, schools, shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Previous makeovers

It‘s already the 7th season of “Home idea with IKEA”. Curious about the makeovers that we‘ve done before? Have a look.

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room darkening curtains, 1 pair, 145x300 cm, blue



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drawer, high, 60x60 cm, white

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shelving unit, 77x147 cm, white stained oak effect


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drawer, medium, 60x60 cm, white

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cushion cover, 50x50 cm, red


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microwave oven, IKEA 500 stainless steel

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pouffe, 56 cm, grey



pegboard, 56x56 cm, white

14 €

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artificial potted plant, 9 cm, in/outdoor/hanging



container, white

3 €

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clip, white

3 € / 2 pack


elastic cord, grey

3 € / 3 pack


easy chair, red stained oak veneer


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work lamp, light blue


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coffee table, 91x37 cm, white



easy chair, white stained oak veneer



drawer unit w 3 drawers on castors, white

Old Price 89 €

79 €


chair, blue

35 €

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desk, 160x80 cm, white

Old Price 159 €

119 €

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extendable table, 118/173x78 cm, birch

299 €


noticeboard, 76x33 cm, white

Old Price 35 €

29 €


shelving unit, 118x193 cm, white

149 €


shelving unit with drawers, 118x35x193 cm, white

229 €


waste sorting solution, 40 l, for METOD kitchen drawer ventilated/light grey

Old Price 50 €

43 €


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