There are probably plenty of things in your home that are out in the open that should be hidden – and vice versa. Maybe the time has come to finally replace the chaos with order? After all, knowing that all your things have place of their own brings peace of mind and more harmony to a home. 

Read further to discover ideas for storing and proudly displaying your most personal and favourite belongings!

Perfect order across home
Good storage means lots of storage that’s both hidden and out in the open for easy access. With our IVAR storage series, you will be able to find and put away your things in no time. Just choose one of our already made combinations or create one by yourself. You can build different shelving units and cabinets together, add doors, drawers and rails, and then place the finished combination wherever you need one: in the living room, bedroom, hallway or even in your new personal home office.
For work and hobbies
Working from home is increasingly common all
around the world. No matter where your workspace or office is, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. Organise your shelves or just solve the problem by buying the IVAR doors. Better yet, do both.

As for the hobbies, we know that when you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to end up with too many tools, add-ons or other things. That’s okay – as long as you have somewhere to store them. The IVAR shelving units are made from solid wood, which means they’re sturdy enough to keep your tools, and also the objects you’ve made.
Endless creativity
Want to customise your own set of IVAR cabinets? Try painting them the same colour as the walls for a seamless, uncluttered look. Or just go with your style intuition. All that untreated, solid pine makes for lots of possibility with paint, stain, drills and screws. Even more, IVAR comes ready to paint, so you don’t have worry about sanding or priming your cabinets first.


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chest of 3 drawers, 62x70 cm, pine



chair, blue

79 €

More options available


side table on castors, 50x50 cm, grey


More options available


nest of tables, set of 2, birch veneer

99 €


cabinet, 80x30x83 cm, pine

79 €

More options available


step stool, 43x40x50 cm, bamboo



shoe mat, 71x35 cm, in/outdoor/grey



box, 46x31x25 cm, pine


More options available


3 sections/shelves, 259x30x179 cm, pine

199 €


2 sections/shelves, 174x30x124 cm, pine

92 €


4 sections/corner, 249/164x50x179 cm, pine

428 €

More options available


shelving unit with doors, 89x30x124 cm, pine

107 €