Meet PLATSA, our versatile way to get organised. With this modular storage system, you can arrange and rearrange your things in a smart way – build high or low, under the staircase or along an entire wall, in the bedroom, children's room, pantry and anywhere across your home.

Made to build and rebuild
Get complete control over your things with a combination of open and closed PLATSA storage. You can turn the same basic units into completely different solutions. Thanks to the wedge dowel fitting, assembling and disassembling the frames is easy as a breeze. Simply add, take away or move the parts around when your needs change or you want to create a different look.
Fits in every corner of your home
The PLATSA series has storage solutions for even the trickiest spaces, such as hallways, oddly shaped attics or tiny pantries. So don’t let the floorspace dictate your solution. With these flexible frames, you can maximise space up to the ceiling. They come in different sizes and let you build storage of irregular shapes, while some of the smaller and shallower cabinets can even be placed freely on the wall with a suspension rail.

Sleep and storage in 4 steps
Use our free online PLATSA planner to create a perfect bedroom that will suit your sleeping habits, as well as your storage needs.

Step 1: Start with the bed frame
Consider your storage needs and how the bed will be placed in your room. Then, choose the mattress between 120-140 cm wide and 200 cm long.

Step 2: Choose the footboard
Will it be a room divider, do you need storage for clothes, or will it be a place for your books and trophies? 

Step 3: Choose interiors
Complete your bed solution with boxes, inserts and integrated lighting to help you find the things and outfits easier. 

Step 4: Pick your style
Decide the colour of your doors and drawer fronts. Then, add the knobs and handles of your choice.

Flexible storage for kids
End of clutter in your children's room starts with the right size of furniture. After all, it’s much easier for your kids to put toys and clothes in place when they can reach a drawer or shelf themselves. If you are tired of looking for the right storage solution for your children's room, create the perfectly sized PLATSA wardrobe yourself by combining open shelves with closed cabinets and drawers. As your kids grow up, you can easily transform the low combination into a higher one.

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hanger, white

6,99 / 8 pack

More options available


box, 33x38x33 cm, black

3,99 / 1 pack

More options available


step stool, 50 cm, white


More options available


box with lid, 26x35x15 cm, white


More options available


shoe box, 22x34x16 cm, white

9,99 / 4 pack


soft toy, lion



pegboard, 56x56 cm, white

14 €

More options available


wall storage, 70x9x16 cm



pendant lamp, light green