Dreams do come true! The winning family of the first TV project "HOME IDEA with IKEA" have already received the main prize - renewal of the whole apartment. More space, more light and more room for the belongings of the big family: interior solutions by IKEA designer Toma Montvilaitė have made their life easier.
Interior noise in the sleeping area
Floral wallpapers and home textile, plus great deal of various things without its place – the bedroom of the hosts looks far from peace and quiet and old furniture do not carry out their basic function anymore.
Kitchen: just to grab the plate
There is definitely not enough space for all five members of the family in this tiny kitchen that have not been redecorated for quite a while. This is why a joint family dinner is one of the main dreams of theirs. This is why IKEA designer has faced quite a challenge: to use every square meter of this tiny kitchen in a way that there is enough space for both the residents of the flat and all the kitchen tools.
Balcony made into the storage room
Aunt Jelena, who lives tohether with the family, spends the majority of her time in the room. For her, it is a place to sleep, have some rest, watch TV and have a cup of coffee with guests. Today, the spacious balcony of the room has been made into the storage room for all of Jelena's stuff. This is why a roomy closet where all of these things would fit is one of the biggest dreams of this woman.
A calm pastel green colour was one of the main accents of the family children room that was renewed during the project. This is why IKEA designer Toma has used this motive in other areas of the flat as well. The colour made the bedroom airy, gave it the feeling of calmness and eliminated the chaos that dominated the room before. The most important piece of furniture in the room is a big and comfy bed, that will ensure a good night's sleep for the hosts. Pastel textile adds it to the coziness of the room. 
Make-up table for feminine rituals
After the storage solutions were implemented, various accessories have finally found its place in the room, which saved some space for a make-up table and the mirror in the bedroom. This area, dedicated for the hostess, adds some coziness to the room and also serves as a daily reminder for a busy mother to find some time for herself.
Enough space for everything
IKEA designer Toma has separated this large bedroom closet into three parts: two of them are dedicated for mom's and dad's clothing and the third one wil be used for seasonal clothing, coats and suitcases. There is also a separate place for laundry sorting which allows to have more space in the bathroom. Closed chests of drawers under the TV are more than enough to put all the stuff, while light open shelves above it are used for nice little details, such as vases, photo frames or souvenirs.
After the layout of aunt Jelena's room was changed, a place for her dream – large and spacious closet for all of her belongings – was found. No more storage in the balcony! To keep bathroom spacious, laundry sorting bags were also integrated in the closet. Sofa bed implements the functions of both living room and bedroom and BESTA TV system will definitely fit all the books and glasses.
Tiny, yet functional kitchen
The calmness of the pastel green is also reflected in the kitchen - it helps to create a continuous mood of entire home. The place of the fridge was changed - now all kitchen appliances are situated by one wall only, which makes cooking more convenient.
Proper layout of kitchen furniture and appliances opened the space for a kitchen table. Now all five members of the family can finally have a dinner together. And if more guests arrive, it is possible to make the table bigger. The space above it is also used wisely: matte glass cabinet with internal lighting will fit the plates of both hosts and guests.


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three-seat sofa-bed

225x105x83 cm dark grey

349 €

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integrated dishwasher

44.6x55.5x81.8 cm grey

329 €



73x50x75 cm white


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bed frame, high

160x200 cm white

189 €

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bed storage box for high bed frame

100x62x29 cm white

45 € / 2 pack

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extendable table

80x75 cm white

165 €

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IKEA 365+

jug with lid

21 cm



cabinet with 3 drawers

70x35x70 cm white

115 €

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cabinet w 2 doors and 1 shelf

70x35x70 cm white

50 €

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wall lamp w swing arm, wired-in

Ø7 cm white


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pendant lamp shade

55x Ø85 cm white


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cabinet with door

35x35x35 cm white

25 €

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chair with armrests

54x46x76 cm grey


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mirror with integrated lighting

80x60 cm white

89 €

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artificial leaf

65 cm green


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table lamp

24x Ø25 cm grey


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side table on castors

50x45 cm white


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18x Ø10.5 cm grey


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cushion cover

50x50 cm light beige


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cushion cover

50x50 cm white


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artificial potted plant

9 cm




46x49x79 cm green

75 €

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quilt cover and 2 pillowcases

240x220/50x60 cm green


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floor uplighter/reading lamp

174 cm black


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gas hob

59.5x51x9.4 cm

149 €


curtains, 1 pair

145x300 cm grey-green


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