If you prefer me-time over social interactions and the food is not a priority, it would seem that half of the popular summer activities, such as barbecue parties are off the table. But have you ever considered gardening? It doesn't require much effort and gives back a lot. And we have everything you need to get started!
The first steps
Everyone has to start somewhere. You could start by choosing what will you grow and planting some seeds in the plastic cups. SAMLA box will hold the remaining soil, while the TOMAT spray bottle will help you to keep the plants hydrated.
The expansion
So, did you decide if the gardening is for you? If the answer is yes, it's time to expand. More SAMLA boxes for the soil, tools, and seeds. And maybe even an HYLLIS shelving unit, to hold all the boxes, plants, pots and tools.
Gardening goes art
Do you already have your mini-garden and some experience? It's time to move things to the next level and unleash your creativity. Find a new perspective, try to picture your plants as pieces of art, decorations. For example, use OFANTLIGT mug instead of the pot and cover your plant with MORGONTIDIG glass dome. And this is just the beginning.



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shelving unit, 60x27x140 cm, in/outdoor



mug, 31 cl, white



spray bottle, 35 cl, white



plant pot, 9 cm, in/outdoor grey


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IKEA PS 2002

watering can, 1.2 l, white



shelving unit, 60x27x74 cm, in/outdoor



cover, 60x27x74 cm, transparent/in/outdoor

3 €

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